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Day from cheap wine fighter dot com again. . This one's kind of appropriate to the season. . It's a Chris Light refreshing. . Sparkling wine it's the presto sparkling rose zeh than non vintage extra-dry. . Nine, , ninety, , nine at whole foods. . I. Think . it's exclusive whole foods they sell elsewhere in the world but in the United States, , it's whole foods. . and. . It's if you like. . You'RE GONNA. Like . this wine. . It's made in the same <hes> way that tank from Tation Shar map. . Large pressurized bats the pressure when the CO two was released the second fermentation. . The pressure foots the bubbles right back into the one. . The DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS For Sakho says the glaring rape which the white grape. . used. . The grain grape and the rebozo. . Gra to local Grapes of the region Veneto. . and. . Trentino Trentino up all toil Dj. . Gratiot and Benito is Sakho. . Northern Italy way, , up there. . <hes> the red grapes are two popular grapes in Italy about you don't see him that often in the U. S.. . Ever, , really good at Italian wine shop L. The you might find them there because they make good one. . But you know most people aren't familiar and in a sparkling wine doesn't really matter because that's been fermented twice. . Like. . I said if you like for sexual like this, , it's got a different. . Flavor profile, , but it's got some rounded red fruit in it. . Now, not , lot still basically a Chris sparkling wine. . NOTICED SIP in two minutes? ? Taken two steps in two minutes basically tells you that it's got good acidity. . Yeah. . So. . That's all you need to know really the light refreshing ten buckle foods sparkling wine from. . Italy. . And you know what they are thinking about, , which may or may not make much difference at all. . Why is it a sparkling wine? ? In Italy, , the word for sparkling wine is full monty. . You know this is a smart I mean for Seco- Samante Champagnes? ? Format. . It just means sparkling wine doesn't mean anything. . But I think one of the problems is that. . In most Americans when they think about sparkling wine, they , think about. . Those sweet inexpensive ones from the Asti region which sold like crazy for a long long time. . I think they still do. . Okay. . But the cattle got. . You know the kind of Societas with an expensive nat maybe that grape wine, , there's been a few scandals there won't get into. . This cheap wine fighter. . We don't really care about this but for kind of Blue Osteo Ahmadis, , water because they were drier. . More detail. . You know they weren't these sweet things not the sweet wine is terrible. . Not a huge fan, , but people are so tweets their own. . So this is a sparkling wine should wear should be Presto Spur Monte Rosa. . And that's pretty good little line and the reason is not called. . For Sakho rose as because. . They're very very. . <hes> they've they've they've they've value their brand their brand is the glare grape. . Grown of <unk> region main the Sharm, , method and they actually a few years ago changed the name it used to be the for Sakho, , grape? ? Grown in the region made the cycle wine. . Anybody who could grow the? ? In Spain California Argentina could call their wine for sex change the grape to Glenora you can grow the grape anywhere, , but you gotTa Call Glare on that percents they protected their brand. . And that's the reason. . This isn't for Cycle Rosa because it camping has to be made from the lyric grape. . That's a white one. . And this is what this is a light refreshing ten bucks. . What else do you want what ton Buck Rosa bubbly from from Italy? ? I can't think of anything else tasted to me. . Third SIP and four minutes. . and. . I. . Don't have much more to say about against the job done. . You know. . Yeah. . I mean. . Is it my favorite wine? ? The whole real? ? No but. . I require wine to be the favourite wine every time out this gets the job done. . It does what it was meant to do and a dozen well. . So. . That's it for me. . On the next one key cheap. .

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