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That i appreciate it the democrats don't know what kind of can of worms there opening up because i was doing some research on on if the army i knew he had a mistress but i didn't realize how many he had and the poor suffering first lady eleanor my goodness again extremely popular first lady and she wasn't particularly attractive in her own one of our own family member of mother or father told her she wasn't very attractive she had she had to use her brain she always felt insecure and she marries this young handsome dashing man if they are and he promptly begins to have other relationships fdr jfk we've talked about many times by the way do you know he was married before he married jackie and his father had the marriage annulled oh yeah check it out he also suffered from something called addison's disease which is potentially fatal which he did not reveal to the country had to reveal to reveal to the country he probably would not have been elected and we talked about all the affairs robert kennedy's friend richard goodwin about bobby said well it's kennedy tradition to have affairs and he said that bobby was a lot more selective and secretive about it his brother and i've told you many times article that i read in gentlemen quarterly call a sober look at ted kennedy nine hundred ninety this is while he's still in the senate and i'm telling you honestly i remember reading the article and i said to myself when this when i finished the article he's going to resign i think it's gonna be a matter of days i hadn't watched a new i just read the article and i went wow oh oh i must have take a shower after i read it not only did he not resign but when he died with his boots on because he never did retire he was called but lion of the senate or the conscience of the senate kathy still there are number two in westchester new york cathy you're on the larry elder show hi how are you.

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