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Couple of things for you today. I were going to go through my selections in my first three round. Mock drafted big blue. Those of you. Who are familiar with the site. Know that traditionally each year. At this time i do weekly mock drafts using simulator making picks for the giants and go through some of those. We'll go through some of the parameters in some of the The the reasons for why. I do this the way that i do. And we'll talk about some of the picks that i made in this in this first. Mock that that. I've done also a little bit later on having interview with senior bowl executive director. Jim nagy that you're not going to want to miss as he talks about some of his favourite players from senior bowl week a couple of weeks back and some guys that that could be good fits for the giants guys that that you need to pay attention to and and study up on as we as we approached the Twenty twenty one. Nfl draft all right. Let's let's do this first. we'll talk about. We'll talk about my first three round draft. I used the pro football network simulator. There are several simulators out. There draft network has a simulator. I believe pro. football focus has a simulator. There are a couple of other. There's a fan speak simulator out there so there are plenty of choices and as we go through this Approaching the draft. I'll probably use various simulators to do this. One of the things that i try to do as i build these mock drafts. This one happens to be three rounder. You know maybe as we go along as i learn prospects a little bit more will go four rounds. Five rounds may be a full seven rounds but One of the things that i try to do is present different scenarios as we sit here in the middle of february. I'm not absolutely trying to predict the players that i think the giants will draft them trying to present different scenarios different ways that the draft could on fold and and and get opportunities to To talk about different players and different different ways to fill what we see as potential needs for the giants and obviously at this time of year. Although we love to talk about mock drafts. We love to discuss the draft. Were handicapped a little bit because free agency comes before the draft and we don't know what teams will do. We don't know if the giants will sign a top tier wide receiver. We don't know if they'll be able to To find some edge rushing help or cornerback help or or what they might do the free agency. We don't know yet what players they're going to To to move on from that are currently on their own roster as well but the speculation is fun. We know you enjoy it. I enjoy it so with all of that said. Let's get to To my picks in this first edition of our mock draft in in the first at number eleven i chose jalen waddell wide receiver from alabama. The reality was the other three receivers. Devante smith jomar chase. Kyle pits of florida. Were off the board also off. The board were cornerbacks. Patrick thirteen and caleb farley. That left waddell at eleven. And perhaps some of the edge rushers perhaps rashawn slater of of northwestern. I have said repeatedly throughout the off season that the biggest need for the giants going into twenty twenty one is to find weapons for quarterback. Daniel jones is his third season. So here i pretty much went with the chalk. Pick went with the the pick that that most of the mock drafts would make in this situation as well. I went with waddell the explosive wide receiver out of alabama guy. That's got returnability on kickoffs as well. So we we went right to write to the the biggest need with the best player available to fill that need in round two. I went with jalen phillips edge. Rusher out of miami at number forty three and here. This was really for me was a choice between phillips productive edge. Rusher out of miami. And jason alway of penn state another highly regarded talented edge. Rusher with a lot of traits long arms ability to bend some good explosion off the edge but a guy that had no real production at penn state in twenty twenty and i went with philips although he's got an injury history concussion history had retired once took a year off while he was at miami has had wrist injuries that required surgery. I went with philips. I mean this is a guy who has all of the traits that you want showed the ability both to rush standing up and with his hand in the ground at miami. He's got the long arms he's got the size he's got the ability to bend. The edge had nine sacks twenty nine hurries. Eighteen run stops this year for miami. I could not ignore that production in my story. A big you. i said you know. in this particular scenario. It wouldn't surprise me for the giants to pick away for the simple reason. That defensive line coach sean. Spencer coached away at penn. State knows the player knows exactly what the giants would be getting in if the giants were to pick away. I'm certain it would come with a strong recommendation from sean spencer. So but but i can't ignore the production so at number forty three. I went with phillips at seventy six for the giants in the third round. I took cornerback. Greg newsom out of northwestern six one one ninety held wide receivers to a thirty one point seven passer rating against when he was targeted in twenty. Twenty guy that has the the link the athleticism to play some man coverage and give giants option across from james bradberry yet a position where the giants needed or really had a revolving door in twenty twenty and needed some help going forward. So pretty much in this mock..

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