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But i'm mike well on his national best friend's day. Tony how should we celebrate. I'm tony kornheiser. i'm sorry. I got plans with pablo man. Oh blow placed me. All righty this since. How is pablo very funny gonna. Pti boys and girls in today's episode sons pizza nuggets. Aaron rodgers misses the start of minicamp in the katie. ends suddenly. look on beatable. But we begin today with the brooklyn nets simply destroying the milwaukee on roasting the nets were up by seventeen at the quarter twenty four at the half thirty. The third and by as much as forty nine points in the fourth will pick the box in this series. Exactly what to the bucks. Have to be optimistic about now going home. That's it that's all they got to look. I i told you yesterday. I thought in game one. The bucks majored in dumb by just firing jack up threes as if they were you know golden state or somebody. Isn't that what they do. If big strong tough guys allegedly and guys who could play defense and do any of that. Let's just go jack it up and they look like morons they did. They played that when they're not is a bright team with bread individual players in a bright coaching staff. And i don't know what the hell they were doing and they doubled down on that last night. Tony they seem overwhelmed. They seem not prepared. I get it. I don't get it because coming off with they've come off of the last two years where they got aced out and embarrassed then. This is a shock. I did not see this coming. I can see coming but not like this. Yeah so i mean. I know what lula morello would do these devils. He fired the change. Because it really. It can't be much worse. I mean they got beat soundly in one they got torched in two hardens. Not even out there. You know for brooklyn and you just say to yourself. Well what is going on here. Let's go to some individual players. Janta compo. I want to get the numbers right. He's a two time. Mvp he had eighteen thousand last night. What's that like. He's to pretend from the foul line so now we're talking about ben. Simmons land the second third best players. Chris middleton to holiday. They were lousy again in game. One they were thirteen to forty two. They shot better. this time. Brought middleton was minus. Thirty holiday was minus twenty seven. What are they doing. Blake griffin hasn't dunked in three years. And he's talking on screen. People both games tony i. This is when i heard several former recent former players in the longtime former players. Say you know what forget about practice. Go and sit down and talk this out figure out where you are and what the hell is gone wrong and this coach who is not known for rallying people in the main right. Obviously his team's always prepared to enter a season. They're prepared in an overarching way. What is he going to do. Is he the guy to even rally them and so tony. Wow this is the shock of the playoffs so far them getting torched like they are over in the west. The phoenix suns topped the denver nuggets in game. One chris paul when six for six in the fourth quarter de'andre aiden played nikolai yokich to draw throughout the game. So who was the more important son last night. Tone paul or eytan. Yeah the temptation is to go with the obvious answer which is crispell because as you say in the fourth quarter. He was six for six. I believe either scored or assisted again. Let's get the numbers right on twenty of the sons thirty four points in the decisive fourth quarter. But you're gonna pick crisp because he's your boys not my boy. I'm gonna pick eight because as you say. He held the guy that you voted for. Mvp yes. He held him down and let me give a little bit of credit here to the coaching staff of the phoenix suns. Because they saw with yokich to backup centers in portland in that series and so every time yokich was out there every minute every second eight and was out there with when yokich sat down eight and sat down when yokich went back in eight and went back in and not only did he need twenty three shots to get his twenty two points. He didn't go to long. All which means that eight and guarded him honestly. Now seldom young played great. He did and i'm not gonna argue against any of that. I've just not but if you watched the post game which means you have to be some kind of lunatic up. Awake like me watching from the west coast three hours to him. You hear the andrea eight and say as he did. Chris paul chris. Paul chris paul chris paul. 'cause i know the tutoring that goes on tony chris. Paul did this and put his arm around eight and sometime around the first day camp instead son and could be sunny so young. You're gonna listen to the omega. Listen to yoda. And chris. Paul tony eight and said that chris paul just being on the floor having the ball help calm him in the whole team down and it does and then that fourth tony phoenix was down. Nine right down. Nine and with chris paul just starting to light it up. The sons had sixteen zero run. I'm not saying they would lose the game without that run. I'm just saying yes the easy answer because the answer and it can always be the answer. Is chris paul everything eight does. He's improved on doing from his tutoring from chris. Paul period may just let me just put this in the biggest surprise eight. Yes holding yokich even yes Eager surprise big big not a surprise. No surprise right over an nfl tone. Aaron rodgers was a no show for the first day of packers. I guess it's a mandatory minicamp as opposed to optional minicamp. That's not unexpected either way. Br andrew brand sports illustrated tweeted quote. Packers will never admitted but they would be fine with aaron skipping minicamp and maybe some training camp close quote because that enables them to better jordan love who they drafted toner you with brand that. The packers are secretly.

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