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Australia north dakota all right. I'll put her and i look at it and i was like what the fuck was i think. Also i mean it's the whole modeling world to me is so bonkers like the closest thing i used to when i was fresh out of college or still playing wolverine at universal studios buck in scraping by had just quit a restaurant job that i was only for two days because the head chef gave me a panic attack because it wasn't cutting the butter squares right shape so i was like anything just truly in that. I need to do anything to make money. And i did something for a few months called fit modeling. We're basically it was like from my size downtown downtown and put on jeans for these guys and they turn around and around. I was like the certain size for whatever and they just want to see how their product with donny. And i think it was. I was with a company called rage models. Which definitely sounds like. They're trying to like like they've definitely molested. Get like this agency is. I don't know if they're still around but like it was. Just i remember i went office was like way deep in the valley and it was always tucked away behind like a cheesecake factory in like a best. Buy that. We've been shut down for months. And they was like seventy five bucks for five hours to wear jeans for like rich italian guys so you had a similar experience i did. I did exactly that. That's why. I cannot believe that you know i went out after i win this thing. I think i'm gonna go on and be a big big deal. And i wasn't took five years to get anything after that. How the milan. Which is like you know this word. They do all that fashion stuff. I went there thinking. I was going to be all this modeling stuff. I just was terrible. Terrible bad at how bad. How can you be bad like your lowest bad. I was never comfortable like in front of a camera taking photos. I just couldn't. I just never felt comfortable so as a side job while i was in milan. Not making any money doing what i went there to do. I took a job as a fit model for prada in the incident while. Yeah it sounds like a big deal but it was not. It was the most humiliating job. You're because you're not gonna all day waiting for buyers commend as i okay. So and so's coming in from whatever store come out. We got the clothes on. Walk out there. You just feel like a like a train chimp. Yeah and. That's really. What i felt like i was like wow. This is what i become. I was going to go to now. Rodriguez telling me that my thighs don't look good in some some cowan clydes. This is not how. I pictured my hollywood dream to pan out. There's nobody there but there's somebody there my see. You guys comedian. Adam ray here. Thanks for listening to the about last night. Podcast over enjoying the episode. And i hope you're doing okay. It's a crazy crazy time right now. If you're a little uneasy. Get that. And i've also got the answer koi. Cbd say it would be coy. Cbd feels good and it does feel good because i use all their products. I've been fucking with the fellas at quiz. Cbd since my circumcision. And i'll tell you this much. They're the best in the game in k. Gumy's bath bombs tinctures joints creams oils. They got stuff for pets. Cbd has been giving the people what they need to feel better to mellow out to go to sleep right to take away. The aches and pains with the creams and oils. Bath bombs make bathing. Just the best thing. Ever you get a little little radiation high from the from the bombs i don't know what's in it but fucking goodness and and just all sorts of it's amazing okay. It feels like drugs and it's not because it. Cbd wanna get these amazing products. And i know you do..

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