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Count the only time i kinda start asking a low funny is when paul and his pretty much kick in and now that we've got really nice good weather going on over here in the d. m. v. yet. Listen past couple of days. We've been looking at the mid to late eighties. So i don't know may maybe it's the pollen. Count is kind of getting to me. I don't know all right. So annex t. Let's talk annex. T here exceed you know they did. They did okay for this week and acce- actually all right for this week. Gotta give them a lot of props for their show. We got a new north american champion in bronson read. That was His match against Johnny gargano actually was pretty good. I couldn't help burr. Rude on bronson read i. I like bronson read man. He's he's pretty fucking cool. No no bullshit. I I dick shipman man. I dig it shit. I was actually a really good match up. Nice good back and forth between the two guys Bear with me one second here. I just want to pull up my annex t card here because this one i actually i took it down to down two notes on the phone but i sadly didn't transfer it over to facebook here so i could pull it up so bear with me a second here so i can pull up the card Another thing that kinda stood out to me while. I'm pulling up the card cameron grimes in that whole ted dias he joined. I love that. I love that little spot then let god dialed baby. I kinda figured out why. I really like cameron grimes. Especially right now with everything he's been. Don't he. reminds me a fucking don knotts. Many of you guys are into your old school shows and all that but don knotts Barney pfeiffer on the andy griffith show was also the original nano. He wasn't the originally. Actually he came in after the rope. Irs on three's company. The roper were the originals and then mr forli. Yeah mister fromm. We don knotts. Had played. Mr forli on three's company with the lay john ritter Yeah this is exactly sometimes a lot of times camera. Grimes reminds me. Runs me out a lot of dawn. Nods and and i mean that as a compliment. I don't mean that in a negative way whatsoever man Tony storm taken on zoe stark. Good match good match. I actually preferred their first match but this one it was very complementary to their first wind. Now that we pretty much got ourselves tied one wine econo- feels as though there's gonna be some type of a rubber band match here. So by how tony storm picked up his dub and she really could not celebrate it the way she was meant to celebrate it because her spotlight was essentially stolen from frankie monet. She did this nice whole big old grand entrance in everything. And you've got frigging tony storm and beaten up zoe. Start looking on like what the fuck is your problem. Like rarely does isn't about you really and as we found out frankie monet is gonna be making her debut next week or in ring debut next week. So looking forward to that peop- the dog domain. The dog so far. I hope y'all keeping tabs dog has made more fucking. Wwe appearances then fucking undertaker brock listener. John cena combined within the past two years. Just marinade on that man marinade. One that i mean that seriously. Seriously Yeah the carrying graham stuff Loving that with the million dollar man. I'm loving that stuff. Man before the match that he had with jay lists and i love how that insta feud pre much had came about. Those kind of cool had be w we e. planning all of that together before the bell. Grimes the side. He wants to play a video. That has showcased. Teddy biaz sees embarrassing moments And he thought that this was gonna go over well and have the fans at the cwc arena. You actually laugh and make fun of teddy beyond odd ad but if anything it just made the fans chant for ten db he saw. He wasn't really filling. That is a short match to it. Went about five minutes. Cameron looked as though he kinda had this matching control for the most part but then year to music of ted diaz. And he's totally fucking. Distracted is cameron. Grimes trying to figure out what's going on the man himself in the flesh million man. Tdb elsie stood at the top of the stage ramp. Tonia of what to say tony atlas down by the sect. Tony this oh man tony allies anytime i pig about tony atlas i always think about his god damn foot fetish man the new she will right there and i'll just mind my own business. I just i'm a bit lifted weights side. And she just cable by a she didn't had no heels all she she. She ahead no pumps out she had. He's pretty lutes toes. Ice to boggles suckle her toes. You just gotta watch enough shoot interviews and exactly what i'm talking about with tony atlas. They're hopefully you can edit between the lines. Oh good god almighty. I can't believe almost say tony. Atlas that would have been solved and tony atlas taken on that. God damn camera grimes No jake atlas. That probably would been a better matchup though. Yeah camera grimes. Taken on tony atlas. That probably would have been interesting Were.

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