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An icon morgan freeman. No we're just name famous. High famous actors i people i think it's kind is probably the clock on. Yeah i think it's the best answer anyone's said got so far that that because somebody look up connie renaissance man. We got cut some of this out. But on your google google china. You're looking at your text messages. You're not looking up. Conrad's is i am. I mean the first thing that comes up renaissance man kanye west likens himself to leonardo da vinci michelangelo galileo alleged which is a self proclaimed. Gabriel both calls. Yeah you'll on mosque. No okay. he's like yeah. I don't know 'cause he's not he's not really covering arts. I don't know how are driven. I i but he i mean i guess he's creating saying i would say yes okay. I don't know. I would say renaissance man more than bano i. You're the buzzfeed article wasn't even like i came up with bono on my own fucking lists adamant that he was thrown off. Okay but but you said google i know would be modern day ride. I was me who were like. I think i would put on my list. Purse out of every one of the world's your partner put if you're gonna bano on a list and you have to check. Yes or no on renaissance man. I'm checking yes but if you sat me. Down said name a bunch of renaissance men. I'm not sure bano would come to my brain. He would not have been the first one. I thought either. If i was i got russell. Oh my god let's end the the recap terrible. We didn't even tell we haven't talked about one thing what people come here for right well anyway. Kate katie really liked a lot of these guys. They all came out with pretty standard limo andrews. I think the first few very nice it was there wasn't a lot of gimmicks gimmicks came towards the end we had An rv agai show up in Andrew asdded like he came up in an old school car and spoken a british accent. Didn't like that no. I didn't like that either. And and you you had said something last night on cutting stems about the british accent or accidents in general if like you said if katie really liked the accent she's like oh my gosh i love british accents. Yeah just kidding. i'm from chicago. Yeah he just he just got knocked down a peg like us. You become less attractive one. You're lying for a wire on your liar to. Ooh like you're now you just became less hot because the accent made you which actually makes me think that if you do have a british accent you should pretend that you don't have one in then people like just a regular guy from chicago and then you're like nope never been any brits on this show never. I can't recall one british person someone with an actual real life british accent on this show in the last five years. Maybe before that i can't either. I'm very specific. How much better would it. would it be with a few british people on here. That's why we love love island. Yeah you're right. Love island starts so soon. Thank god thank god okay. He did the british accent. His guys showed up on a moped. There was trae who did the pickup truck at the ball. Pit in the back which was very true. I liked try a lot. Some like tried to seems like a very happy. Great guy. Same with john something about john. Katie really like really liked around. I think that's really like john. I really liked john also he just try not to smile. When that guy smiles it was impossible. He's smiling at the tv. Just all tv's smiling. Mile is lights up a room that smile. I wish right to die for just very very cute and then we knew that there is going to be a lot of probably sexual jokes. Keyed said you know the the vibrator thing that maybe they would be talking about that sex positive as i'm sure is also going to be discussed many times on this show. We had to abu get to all the other things too. But i wanna say we had to michael's one brought a watch that he you know he faked being like a family heirloom which was kinda crew for a second but then turned into so did i. It was worked and it was a good pun leg. Oh our time is pro. You know worked. And then mike. I guess he goes by mike. Our and other michael. Mike is the baseball player. Virgin why must we always have a virgin on this show. I do not know or or a burgee. Not yes that that they're unfortunately like their whole storyline becomes about being a virgin. Because you know that's why he was cast on the shows like ooh sex positive katie. Let's make sure we got a virgin on here. And no offense divergence yes no offense. I want to put that out there. I just to fuck virgin yet. And that i wouldn't prefer it is their choice not have sex in. It's your choice. Did not have sex with with me. I would like to stay away. And they want to say wait for me clearly. Because they don't wanna have sex. I just i i. There's something about it where it's like katie very clearly. Like how many times are we say the word sex positive but love sex. She wants to have sex. A why is she gonna want the virgin hold his hand through it though. They always do the thing too. And you're right about athlete virgins. That's the ones that have on the show. And there's always the underlying underlying implication like this guy could had a lot of sex act because he was he's in the minor leagues too. They were like he was a football player as a professional football player and the girls. They were knocking right now. He could have the choice but he decided to be version Luke okay. Well same with this. Then he was a born again and it was like the whole thing. Yeah and colton turned out to be gay. That is correct. Let's just put that out correct. I'm i just wanna say because vandross out where my show but colton i. I'm very happy for colton. And i like like a social media. Feels like he is being himself. We were talking about this before the show but tyler see posted this picture on his instagram where he is hanging. I'd say it's looting he's hanging and he. I don't really know how other way to put that. This role. how he is standing next to a horse. Say he's a gowns and you can see everything like his brother was commenting tours in this picture. Like everybody was megan. How our senior posted that picture and even colden was like comment on this bad boy. I'm happy for tyler..

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