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A free shot at millions of dollars on Ly a draft kings make it rain minimum $5 deposit required eligibility restrictions. Apply. C draftkings dot com for details. This is the Stanley Cup finals on Lightning radio Thie Joe Pavelski goal and it was Ravel Skis goal. He took the shot Bassel Askew to save it hit Shattenkirk and win in his second of the game. 12 in the playoffs, one behind point. The league lead Siegen and hey, skin and assisted at 11 35. So Sigan is two assists tonight and that came 19 seconds after the maroon penalty and expired. Writing it. Clear zone pocket come out. But they never got past the red line Stars brought it back in and got a puck in the net tool, actually, and gotta bounce. They did get a bounce bounce right off Shut, cooks leg. Nothing he can do about that shot of the rate of Khudobin here. Cerulean Siegen. One by the stars John Klingberg. Motoring off the left wing gets the center right captain to the Lightning line had been a block for circuit kept us for Anthony Cirelli. Somalia lifted in behind it, Alice. Excellent del parties for John Klingberg. Seven minutes left in the third for for the score. Defeat Sigan office. Keep driving and keep the Rod Tego possible. Lightning light converges with it Left corner. Perry as a man, open it fine, but he couldn't get on the clock. You fly to finalizing that head knocks it down. Headmen falls down, but still dumps it for circuits. Having a lightning far corner will scoop it out. Two Cerulean center ice worked into the Dallas line, quick kind of rebels trying to catch the lightning interchange across the one. He's right circle made rebound. Cirelli trying to clear the city will dangerous again off the rush where the stars have dangerous tonight. He's getting the redline dumps it back into the headlines when it goes.

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