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To have lived this. Well this may. I think you were born at the right time. Myth do must've been. I had these conversations with you. Where all the legends. Like billie holiday came to your house with her little dull. She not a little with our little billie holiday. And there's just up in harlem. Everybody dr king and hughes. Y'all hanging out in time and trying to be a person of the time that is not sit behind the door behind the windows sort of we shing one could be there. I mean there's nothing for it but to go and join it and see if you can be of use anybody who can be used this useless mess not be misused overused abused but you must be of use to somebody besides yourself shortly after september eleventh when we asked the question. What really matters. Now maya was one of the people we turn to for inside in answers. Awards still offer hope in a way to rise above evil and injustice every american and most people in the world. I'm speechless and that doesn't mean i don't have something to say. We have to seek after justice. We must do so. We have to at the same time. Be careful not to lust after revenge. If we do many things happen when we be no better than the adversary. We may be even worse. We should always be at war within justice. Always families in our cells then neighborhood mass cities and states. We should always be on the other side from injustice. I believe however that it all starts with me. Am i believe that the chains must take place in the middle east and in and as we have seen in south africa. All those changes begin. We've need. I think that we have to eat of us. Learn everything we possibly can stop being lazy about thinking. We must think what really matters now is love now. I don't mush sentimentality. I'm in that condition and the human spirit so profound that it allows us devise strategy love courage kindness. No that is really what matters. There has always been ville and there will always be but there has always been good and there is good. Now in the sixties lived and worked in the islamic world as the wife of south african freedom fighter. She was the editor of the arab observer and says today. She's deeply concerned about america's indifference to that part of the world. I'm very concerned that. I remain proud of my country when it's doing the right thing and active in my country when i don't think we're doing the right thing that is to say we can't say oh i feel for these people but not for those people and you can't say that it's wrong if you have sympathy and empathy and kindness to a human being habit to human beings important so the human being to not allow anyone to make a mean little tunnel for her to live her life in. This is your life. This is all you know. And in fact as far as we can be absolutely certain it's given to us live but once one time and you're going to live over matt. People never liked those people. Well those people. They never came to our house. Well all of them. Keep over there. And i keep over here with us in little tunnel. Means you'll die the world when you will not accept the world one bit. It seems so clear as you get older. We just about little bit but not much this. And that's not why i mean. Don't get older just to get wiser. If you get older you will be wiser. I believe that. If you dare dare. I but get older because it's fun it's fun and it's great fun not today have a so yes well you know the body is going but i mean you know that so what you know live lives forever. You know my knees are gone. Let's get those key. And i find that my hair is chain saliva and that and the breasts of very interesting in an incredible race the eminem credible race to see which one will touch my waist for fun. Living is fun. that's fun yes that's fun to run for it if you if you put it in your mind that it's fun. Yeah it's fine. It's fine but if you think oh it's fine. 'cause you're still here. I'm still here and still in. Somebody's still calling me dialing ain't that i wanna talk about oscar night. I haven't talked to you about that. And i can tell you this that. It was such a historic night with halle berry as the first african american woman to win. Best actress denzel the first man in forty years to win. Best actor and sidney portier getting the lifetime achievement award. What do you think was significant about that night. For all americans you know who won we all we all we all tell you. I love that. Halle berry. And i adored into las yes and support and i'm a good friend. A friend of of sydney party. The united states one every citizen in this country that night word. I have heard some people that had the nerve to say. Why did halley turn it into such a racial her speech. And if you haven't heard that now say things like i've heard people say. Why did she turn that into such a racial speech. And i think it's because people do not understand it was seventy four years seventy four years. We hadn't even had the opportunity to stand there seventy four years. She's exactly she spoke out of her people's mouths. Yeah and that is not just african american peoples. Now yeah go see isn't just african. Because she is..

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