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House budget office. Meanwhile, pledging that the partial shutdown will not affect income tax refunds, so what's the Super Bowl without the halftime show? We may soon find out herald Griggs vice president of the Georgia NWC P as a dream. Who knows maybe they won't be a Super Bowl halftime hoping to shine a light police shootings and the NFL's treatment of the player who started the take a knee movement. Colin Kaepernick Grigg says he's already contacted some of the biggest music acts in the world asking them to forego any offer from the NFL to perform at the Super Bowl in Atlanta this year and asked for rapper Travis Scott reportedly confirmed to perform at halftime Griggs hopes to convince him to pull out as well. Pete combs, ABC news, Atlanta. They college football championship playoff game is about to get underway. Number one, Alabama taking on number two. Clemson. You're listening to ABC news. Newsradio six ten WTVN. Alison wyant. The woman accused of murdering connection to the deaths of eight members of the road and family made an appearance in court today for a pretrial hearing Angela Wagner. Her husband and two sons are all charged in the case a man seen on surveillance video stealing a gun from the body of Bradley Bethel after he died in a motorcycle. Accident has now been identified. Bradley's father Brian Bethell who lives near Cincinnati today. Brian Bethell told me he's happy someone came forward. He says he's been in constant contact with detectives. A few tips. And then I called them just a little bit later, and they add again applied the guy and hit. The whole thing was caught on surveillance and.

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