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Going well you know. They wouldn't let you fly in from other countries on when they succeed the faa. No matter. i i. I i keep telling you what you can't a kid. That's why we're leaving but add some negotiation behind the scenes. And when we come back from break i wanted to find out what has always thwarted. These efforts always like a threat to go and then they don't as this soft wants to suck find out michael bednarik when we come back crimes of the crown by captain mark. The crown cast the world in shadow and claims to be our guiding light. Cowards clamor for security from boogeyman and ghost stories. Well i say these hobgoblins are imaginary. I say those. They propped up as our liberators are now subsisting. On our bondage. I say there is freedom in the black. And that's exactly where we intend to go. The crown banishes its own officers for exposing its crimes and tortures dissidents to the brink of madness it dominates the globe and swallows the wealth of generations leaving only blood and excrement the crown calls it piracy to explore frontiers beyond its grasp. So the time has come for us to define the conduct among pirates. I say the crown has trampled our necks long enough need decentralized solutions to centralized problems looking for a community of like minded scoundrels or just want some swag to let the crown know what you think of it. Join the conversation at pirateswithoutborders dot com. We won't be hard to find i. I'm derek j. to me. An activist is calling is to actively work to advance. Cause the cause for which i worked is personal freedom. I believe my life is best when i engage in voluntary interactions and self-government. I reject the idea that anyone else has a higher claim to my life or my body than i do. I see people who call themselves the government as a threat to my personal freedom. I realize you may feel differently but my relationship with the people who call themselves. The government is completely involuntary starbucks. Used some of its money to drop bombs. I wouldn't shop there. So why would. I support the american empire. The empire does not require by consent. Derek jays victimless crime spree. Watch it for free and ordered the director's cut. Dvd and victimless crime. Spree dot com. That's victimless crime. spree com. Are you a cryptocurrency advocate. The crypto tip is the ideal outreach tool to help new people. Discover crypto currency. It's a printable business-card-sized tip that you can give to service providers preferably in addition to a cash tip when the server scandal qr code. It'll bring up an explanation of crypto currency how to install a wallet and allow them to claim the tip. If they don't claim the crypto. You get your tip refunded to you. After a time period you specify plus if they do claim the tip you get an email alert create as many tips as you want at crypto tip dot org. That's crypto tip dot org. There are lots of ways to listen to freetalklive. Our podcast has been around since podcasts began and now the f. t. l. feed is loaded with content besides are full show archives. Did you know that we make it. Easy for you to customize your podcast subscriptions we have different feeds. One that includes only are full shows one with just the daily digest and our main feed. That includes everything. You decide what you listen to. It's quick and easy to customize your feeds at feeds dot freetalklive dot com that's feeds dot freetalklive dot com on free talk live. We're bringing people to the ideas of liberty. Every day from wrestling superstars. Like glenn jacobs you guys really are having an impact. I believe like. I said a lot of where i am. Now is due to listening to free talk live. You changed my mind on some very important issues. Years ago to random people tuning in on the radio i was stuck in the left right paradigm her on your show on a saturday night from there. I went on joined the free state project and become an amber flyer. So i mean that's really the reason why i am is Because i know that if it wasn't for you guys being on his dr. i never would have found the ideas of liberty. Your ample directly change more lives by getting free talk live in front of people looking for talk radio online and on the air when you aunt free. Talk live you get perks. Like access to the amp only facebook group and an podcast visit amp dot freetalklive dot com love. What we do lease help. Support international satellite channels at patriotic delaram dot. Fm that's patriot on that dot fm roads. It's the earnest talk show where we're going their arms in a bid on the not sticking arroyo adds at one thing to be texas has its own way of doing everything and when you do highway in texas there's no like i guess there's exits but they have like a. What do you call the road. That's on that side of the highway. You just pull over and go to whatever store on the frontage road you know so the furniture it's like you i think out go off here you just pulled. It's different the way the freeways are because they're texas. What are the other. Things is very independent when it comes to the utilities and energy and all that which got him in trouble they'll say in wouldn't polar vortex thing went through and it got really cold. They are separated from the grid and it seems like they. Oh okay you want to be separate a year separate now you know did it was kind of a tack on what say you on that. Tell tell us about what happened there. The well first of all i moved to texas because we don't have winter so i was really surprised when we had single digit temperatures for a week. I was hibernating in my apartment. I'm not going for the male not going to the parking lot. And then i had water raining down into my apartment of Pipes froze in the apartment above me. And i have three inches of water in my apartment. Oh not everybody talked to. We were there in austin east austin for float fast do weeks ago and they were everybody. You talked to as water thing you know. They're they're waters busted because everybody texas you know freezing. What's that you know. And it just jacked everybody up and so i'm wondering plumbers. Come in from maine or something. I mean what happened right. Yes we had three had coming in and the thing is.

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