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About list to see how this plays ow and sure enough. This was essentially A story line there. You know the main event. Match cody rhodes taken on malachi black. What epic entrance by the way for malachi black eye frickin doug it. I don't know how you guys doug. But i loved it. I loved it. I just had that whole everything that you loved about the alastair black entrance from wwe. It just had all of those elements. But if i dare say so myself but even better was even better than what we saw this entrance in. The wwe loved it. You know the match very very short two minute very short very definitive as well. I mean they're make no mistake about it. Well we have saw godown tonight between our store black and Say alisher black. I'm into say malachi black is gonna take me a minute to get used to call him malachi black but bear with me please. At least you guys know talking about but seeing as malachi black and cody rhodes match make no mistake about it very competitive but very short at the same time and you know what you know what. I'm not going to be on here and complain. Because don't take what i'm saying. So far is me complaining about this matchup. Because i'm not. I know there's probably going to be other people. That's gonna be complaining a about this. But i really would be shocked to see that. The amount of people complaining about this match is in droves given how everything india dynamite tonight but by the way shot out to cody taken that spot going through the table. That was pretty bad as like the fact that he took that bump all in name of getting malachi black over in everything really trying to make this menacing dark force. Come off as not only impressive but also make it come off his. If cody is maybe barking up the wrong tree here. Maybe cody is finally in a position where he truly has definitively met his match. And there's just no way around this obstacle known as malachi black and i love the fact that malachi black away that he pretty much went into this it was it was almost dominance not from the standpoint of what we saw when brodie lee defeated cody rhodes and became the tnt champion. And all that not that. Kind of dominance but dominance from maybe a psychological standpoint more. You could say about this these guys if we were lucky after the entrances. We had to brief commercial break. And you come on back if we were lucky. Maybe we got a bow five minutes. If even that of these guys doing their thing in the ring but again malachi black really dominating and then for everything to be over and done with malachi black taken that dub walk off to the guerrilla position hidden towards to back and now. You've got cody rose. Who's just there in the middle of the rain. Tony show he trying to go in. There gives some post-match jaki diak and cody really taking that moment for himself to really reflect on his wrestling career reflect on the almost three years that he's been doing ways. Been doing there with a. W with the box with kenny. Omega and tony kahn. Really calling yet a golden opportunity. You could fill it with the fans there at daly's place Philly from them that We're getting ready to. Maybe something kind of magical here. Oh it looks as though may be cody is possibly retiring. You can feel the fans. They're almost kind of getting into a little bit of a frenzy. Because normally you've seen these fans in the past when they know something's coming up when they know possibly somebody's getting ready to retire. Usually have the chance. You have the claps applause all that good stuff but in this go round. Sure you had you had that love and appreciation for cody but there was definitely a bid of frenzy. That was in the air with those fans..

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