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She was the real use the Dermot roller just to feel real fancy with your name. Yeah. Yeah. Roller. Does it actually do thing? Just make you feel like it doesn't really improve circulation open stuff, and you have to do it in a pattern and you roll up. Always being fed is bullshit. Or is it does it for you can get ones that have like micro needles on it that are supposed to put like micro. Mike scarring micro roller is probably actually better than just ninety percent of face cleans the good Jade roller. I think because it's like it's like actually touching your skin. It's technical. It's mechanical actually like flushing things out and getting your circulation going and stuff as opposed to just a cream you put on before bed, and then it's like into weeks you're supposed to look younger. No, no, no this like works. The muscles in the actual physical attributes of your face and not just see snail. Jim. Weird mask last week while I got so I forgot I was doing. I was Like, like. ten minutes area. Slab this on. I thought it was just like a weird goo, but it's a weird that you actually feel like you can feel tingling. Yeah. I can try the ones that you put on and then they bubble. Those aunts racket my favorite. He's a snake. Venom ones. I haven't tried. The naked eye patches to. Che's there's fancy what is was the one that even Hollywood do. It's not putting the put them in the freezer. Yeah. Like gold. It's like dude with three names. Mario badescu. Now. There's another one anyway any Michael hall. That's it. Neil, Patrick, Harris. That's the one who's Dexter think. It's him rubber Louis. Stevenson. Was looking for I use a nude. I shadow pellet. There's three different sets of color, some really branching out so invisible that it's paints and and Browns, but most just use the pink glittery pink and glittering rose alabaster it's called like the nude pallet faced one the brand. And it's nude pallet. Because I'm not adventurous, your weight that should be noted. Yes. And also, but also I've been told that Brown eyed girls, can we're all the colors, it's the blue and green eyed girls that had the limitation. Thank god. I thought it was me. It's my sins. Your blue is this your back. What a relief I can go by my lightens, you go so anyway, Brown eyed girls can do a lot more with their with their colors than other colored. I colored girls whatever. So I was looking for apparently, I don't know. And also, I love Sephora, and I spent a lot of money there. I have never gotten one second of help from anybody who works really everyone their burger with help..

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