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Think about this lift lift put this in context last year in game seven bay scored eighty nine point this year game five they score one twenty nine that's a forty point difference report the kevin rahab last night thirty nine about the of harrison bars for fifty five points in a sevengame series kevin look giving low given to read had won seventy six room that's a plus one eleven okay so what did i tell you about last year they held golden state the cavaliers held golden state fifteen points under its regular season ever get scoring at jeff over these final five games golden state average six more points than it average in the regular season will that has something to do with the the new or old calves defense right yet while other outlook look at lebrun with would run if you for you feel let down are you are you let down by the caf because they don't think they played to their potential or have disappointed because you don't think lebron james of fifty win a little a bolt in it's hard to to lay total blame on one doorstep over the thirty six to eleven run but that's the season that's the game it's just like the end of game three they're up seven with 300 six left in they give up an eleven and nothing run to end the basketball game no good king in his palace you you can't do it that was more lebron's fault last night thirty six to eleven was everybody's fault because nobody did anything they just quit playing i i don't know why honor those weird gordeeva lany wretches affirm it hard for you to be let down and disappointed in lebrun the gas scored forty one thirteen innate he averaged thirty three twelve mtn i've told you nobody can stuff the statue and the cash you need a what it took to your point let me let me finish there were several times in the fourth quarter when the game was getting out of hand where liberal would say okay i've had enough of this and he would take durant or you could dhaleh just take him to the ram and just play bully ball and that they would just fall back under the baseline like i can't stop that he would end up in it in in it made me say.

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