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Ox and things like that and then the cars go up to the top of thing and they race down but there's there's literally like two thousand cars on all these intertwined tracks and there's trains going around and it's like the densest pool of activity which obviously is why it's an artistic expression of what is it is like and i i think that yeah if the joke of this thing was we let a hyper fiveyearold conceive of an art piece that that would absolutely track to me yeah yeah it's it's really something there's there's like also an opposite piece that might children are on board for which block of stone sure well i mean yes it's not a block of stone but there's this piece called levitated mass that is oh yeah yeah i know that one essentially it is a it is a like a boulder boulder's so i was i was trying to describe what the thing is that you walk through what's that channel it's like a it's almost like a pedestrian underpass yes exactly under a boulder like wylie coyote dropped a boulder yeah and the boulder is so huge that generous grant from the acme company good boulder my friends at bank of america and act be the boulder is so huge that it like they had to like do things like take remove light poles along the route that it came to the lack months it it took forty years between when the art piece was conceived and when it was implemented and so on and so forth and it sits above this pedestrian underpass with only the tiniest amounts of the boulder supported on either side so you're sensually walking underneath this boulder that so immense you almost can't imagine it's real it's like an indiana jones and the holy grail like.

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