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It is twenty forty six northwestern we have a four with a forty one yard line three quarters two hundred seventy one yards north west the four a couple of passes to get the real person looks this way the sideline to the forty forty five it knocked out by blade Gallagher just past five did you stand the adult the five day yeah puts me five inches over here this was smaller division one quarterbacks that I've ever seen it is pretty stunning doesn't have what they call the measurable so the intangibles it'll be self and pulled down by a boring day thank you give that three six down Boris Johnson quickness too that is been encouraging to see here these last few weeks and he just went right to the right guard first in the area five thank you if we don't the receiver fell down there was field it's fourth down UMass trailing twenty forty this is office of Florida state the first Los worked out with the ball goes over on downs the Wildcats will have it did you when we come back for the goal of the game northwestern twenty four UMass six this northwestern gnome Kathy Kathy without having it he noticed that it moves like dole it's an animate.

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