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To appreciate weird. You just mad that you can only see the secondary one is the ACING TJ total recall. Podcast playing a little game called. Snap us your secret so you just picture or snapchat of your secret. Whatever that secret may be that way? You're completely anonymous. And rigging has been going through them. We're just described some of the things we've gotten we get a bunch. We've gotten a ton we'll read. We'll do it on the air if you if you send it in and right now but we won't read your name to note instagram but videos not necessarily photos videos. Are you asking you tell us okay? All right let's say if you're trying to tell people then leverage videos photos filters that's the big push of snapchat new and it disappears the next day yes twenty four hours on your story or if you send it directly to somebody at disappears after the opening who you want your shawl across your laughed about your Afghan okay. I'm just GONNA SERVE THEM. Okay and I'm not wearing my seatbelt while driving the forklift at work. And he's a drinking some kind of four Loko while operating the forklift. That's fine that's fine. You WanNA learn. Yeah no pictures. Are Kids place four locos leads to riots? Yep so must mean it again in? Somebody's car I drive around with used tissues in the car and she's going to seek. I mean a lot of them. Dozens of passenger seat of her car. Snotty use them again. I I do three cycles. If worse case scenario you got to their key. I've blown my nose with an envelope. Karner all sorts of stuff tissue. Yeah I'm this one says I'm secretly love with my neighbor. Who used to be who I couldn't stand in high school. Oh Wow that's a good secret. Great one okay. This person's a trucker and he loves staying out on the road long so he can have affairs. Boy Yep risking wrentham. I have a secret cleaning lady. My husband doesn't know about. He thinks it's me that cleans and thanks me for the hard work around the house. Oh boy you hired added when you hire somebody secretly so during the day every Wednesday. She comes from ten to one or whatever is out that he has no idea. What's going to happen though if he happens? Come home unexpectedly. And he finds a strange person or persons in his house in his house for his first instinct is going to be being robbed or unless he pulls in the driveway. Their car says whatever the name of the cleaning services on it or something. There's usually like the bucket and mop sitting outside by the car as they go through the vacuum still outside. So what have so much fun with that if I if I found out that my wife had hired secret cleaning people that know about. Oh Gosh I could have fun with in is hilarious because you know nothing about the Operating War the the working of your so but I know when the cleaning people were coming because I start getting a run down like the week before and don't forget they're coming to claim Friday. This Friday not next Friday. I'm just letting you know Lena. In in an effort to make you do what things have picked up and you know out of the way in other words you've got ten days to clean it up before and serious I remind can't all the time. Wow okay. That's coming on Monday. Don't forget yeah okay if you want to add us on snapchat. It's the ace. Tj Show. We're getting a ton right now. we're just gonNA keep going through them This lady has an entire drawer of chocolates at our at our desk I feed my best male friend sweetened coffee everyday to fatten him up my chances to steal his heart get better. Oh not if. It's not working. Get Fatten him too much. Man His heart's be but no like she's trying to like bring him down to what she thinks is her level or no no. She's trying to bring him down to where his woman now would let him go now. What she's saying she said to win his heart. She didn't necessarily to like get him to dump her. Maybe she's just trying to make him show him how happy she can make Pam happy every day when she's talking about trying to fatten him up so he'll she likes he's a plumper. Maybe she likes them. Clump dues one day when you bring them in. Just tell him he's Got Fisher. Monitor your Bryant. He wants then. He'll know you like that's how you know you can win his heart. Good if he says Ou know. Thank you then. Then you'll know not keep wasting your time giving him candy six thousand dollars under a spare tire so he can go out and get the money he wants. So He's hiding boatload. Look at cash under the wheel of his tire. What kind of cars it all I know. Is there some trucker wives? Now who's going nuts trying to figure out that their guy is that one drucker that wrote in longer this trip. I can't think we're talking about you. The one that Regan showed us snap us your secret. The snap said I dropped out of college a month ago in my parents have no idea. You are going itsel much trouble the day. All of that news came out about that. Duggar being on Ashley. Madison Dot Com the cheating website. Jodi had never heard of that. My wife never heard in the first thing he said you probably. You probably have an account with them. So I know that if there's a truck driver wife listening she heard that other one she's automatically thinking Yep I wonder if that him even though I've never had any reason to Tadao but pro when you like lot lizards. Don't yeah that's why you talk about how much she don't like them. Because you really do like trying to throw off your scent. I bet you would want to be an astronaut. He space in on what? Tj total recall. Podcast is new at noon. Every damn redoing subscribe now I tunes wrote in and fields has been named the number one premium skin care line in North America for the last three years. There's something for every skin concern now at ace. Tj Dot com click the road and fields add on our partners page. 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