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There is no gas that the silos in the Alpharetta area And there's no gas inviting. While the closure of the colonial pipeline is bad enough panic buying is making the situation much worse advice from Triple A's Garrett Townsend into your regular pattern of mine and and, you know, just kind of play this thing out, Townsend tells W s these word on the street. It's almost like a self inflicted outage Reporting live Bill Chi Akio 95.5 WSB three men charged with killing Ahmad Arbor. You head back to court again today after entering not guilty pleas to federal hate crime charges. Ws fees. Michelle Right begins Our live team coverage. Marcie today begins two days of hearings in Superior Court in front of Judge Timothy Wamsley hold the side of the incidents from Amman. Aubrey's past will be allowed into state trial, WSB Sr Laing legal analyst Ron Carlson explains. Prosecutors say it's a relevant prosecutors. They say this has nothing to do with him being murdered while jogging. So this is the question, the judge will sort out the also sort out if defendants social media posts will be admitted, as well. Meanwhile, Travis and Greg Michael and Robbie Bryant, entering please. During an arraignment hearing on federal charges yesterday, the three defendants received public defenders. Then each pleaded not guilty to civil rights and hate crimes charges, alleging that they used force and threats to intimidate interfere with and injure Ahmad Arboria as he ran on a public street all because he's African American. If convicted on the federal charges, the defendants could face life in prison. The state murder trial is set to begin in October. Reporting live with Veronica Waters. Michelle RIGHT? 95.5 WSB WSB news time. 8 33 A defiant Liz Cheney speaks on the House floor, saying she'll continue to stand up for democracy over former President Trump's claims of election fraud is not about policy. This is not about partisanship. This is about our duty as America. USB political analyst Bill Crane says. Cheney makes some good points the way we're going forward supporting the rule of law and free and fair elections. Then what are we advocating? If we only accept the outcome of elections? We like what? Does that, But House Republicans are expected to vote today to remove Cheney from her leadership post. Most Republicans got up and left before Cheney's comments last night due this morning at 8 34. The.

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