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Preda scrotum as a concept is existed for yes this is the first penis and scrotum transplant is what i was trying to being has concept it's exhausting the start of right right maybe not named as such but yes so the so the so my concept for an idea based off of this is is is it's called dead dick and it's a guy like gets his dick blown off and he gets a penis transplant but it's from a killer and so then it starts to infect his brain and he starts to go crazy it's kind of like hands yeah this is a this is this exact thought came out of karl pilkington seven to ten years ago who is resembling known as the moron exact bitch because they were talking about whether he was talking about getting a head transplant looking down and seeing different dick yeah and then then it just turned into what if the dick was haunted you came up with the idea that the fool that's right but it's a great idea with it and i let's go all right nichols to be fair when you said i don't really know what happens but i liked the title title of dead day i feel like people would watch that movie you know here's what here's what it is right it's it's some sort of like he gets off on a tech this it's a serial killer right he gets off on a technicality.

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