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We won't that means we'd have to hit the dump. Fortunately, we're saying that. Yeah. Okay. So us weekly does have. So the Brad Pitt. I really am going to tell because I love to talk about this when Julius gone just like, she loves to talk about it when I'm gone ca she's back to believing that, you know, I mean bidder Angelina is parenteral alienating the kids from Brad Pitt. And I am of the opinion. That Brad Pitt is the one who alienated himself from his wife and his kids by being a mean during keen pot-smoking man every day of their life, you Laurie. Yeah. I think it was all his behavior that led to the situation that we find ourselves in today. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, and he's he's taken ownership of that in that one interview. But not like how his team has tried to smear Angelina Jolie. And I think that's one reason why she fired. Her lawyer, Laura Wasser who is a big buddy of Harvey Levin and leaks like a sieve to TMZ when it helps her achieve something divorced, and she's very very good at. His, but she's not Angelenos lawyer anymore. So the custody hearing begins in two weeks, December fourth not that either. Julia. I haven't honor. Oh, no, not at all. Gossip a couple of weeks ago that that's the court date. Brad and Angelina the lawyers our lawyers are meeting, and they may try to do something before the court date happens in December. They want to come to. That's what they would like to do in. No us weekly has gotten a nice little tidbits, Brad. Pitt's lawyers morsel Brad's just wants the war to end in that he's made a desperate plea to Angelina for them to settle the custody battle out of court because he's so worried about this psychological damage to the children and a source close to Jill Lee. Probably her lawyer says they're working together to reach a settlement outside of court. But she is not backing down. From what she wants out of the custody, which is basically, I think she's. Tokyo person and you get them every other weekend to visit. Right. So anyway, and I think that I think that someone's lawyers Brad Pitt's lawyers have started to prepare him for the idea that the custody hearing will not go his way. And it's not it seems like that's their big fear. Team. Brad Pitt at the moment because I get that. If they're trying to convince us that Brad care so much about the psychological wellbeing of his kids and maybe for the past two and a half years. He shouldn't have been smearing via tabloids page. Six teams us weekly Angelina because his kids are seventeen fourteen thirteen twelve and ten. You know, the aware of that well, the internet age and all of that. I mean, he if I'm just saying that he's he hasn't stopped his team from smearing. He did his may culpa and g g q said it was my fault. He is what happened on the plane. But he said, you know. Yeah, I was drunk and stoned every day, you know, since I was twenty three years old or something like that. I do feel like Angelina 's lawyer has put the fear of God into Brad Pitt's, lawyers, and that Brad Pitt's lawyers also know based on preliminary what the child custody evaluators. Well, it seems. The kids are saying mom we like living with you and visiting dad that could very well be the case, it seems like Angelina totally has the upper hand on this though does.

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