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She'd be happy to help you with a trump right can be done. Where else can people find your. What are the resources. Might you have for them. Sure well besides go to my website. Oh if you do by the way please sign up and snag free gift. Which is a video that will help. You beat stress and boost your mindset in five minutes or less. You don't even need a drum on your end for the exercises. I also have lots of encouraging a motivational things. That i'm saying during the video that i hope will help release of whatever needs to be released in addition. I'm on youtube Rock the next stage. I think i have to hit more subscribers. Before they change it from my old company named next drumming but you can probably find it by looking for next drumming. An instagram at next stayed dory is men. i'm on facebook next stage drumming as well. Two books are out there. Feel free to take a pizza. Which one floats your boat or you might be interested in them again. I wrote them mainly to help. People get unstuck used the gift. Scott gave them and move forward so they can make an impact and a solid income story. Thank you so much listeners. Thank you for being with us today. On this episode of creatively christian in. I hope you've enjoyed. This is much as i have so go sign up for the website and just take the time to pray and ask the holy ask the lord ask the holy spirit to show you what your next stage is and how to take that creativity that god has given you and put it to his purpose because with that comes his power and his possibly dorey. This was so much un- thankfully run. I really appreciated and this was a blast so banks much again for the invite listeners. Thanks for tuning in hope. You enjoyed until next time. Got less iraq. And thanks so much for listening today to see the resources mentioned in this episode head on over to theophanous media dot com ford slash dory christian a product of the media. You can find out. More at the often. In media dot com. This show is hosted by brand hollingsworth andrea. Sandifer bill brooks and lynn babe. Our logo is by l. Brooks are. Music is by bill brooks and andrea sandefur and remember. If you enjoy this podcast. We should rate review in share wherever you listen to podcasts. Have a blessed and keep on creating for our load..

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