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Well now everyone's on notice now you guys are all on notice from woge lebron james in the cavaliers the newlook cavaliers are on notice from their gm cobi altman and the rest of the eastern conference is on notice now because if the cavaliers are to make an impact it's going to have to be on the strength of all of those buzzwords younger more athletic outside shooting because lord knows team chemistry is going to take a little while ago on that the risks that they're willing to take first and last podcast glass michael junior here on espn radio in the espn out so long distance dedication to jason tells he after yesterday i mean this guy comes in your house oh we're over on goal can window go yesterday as we've already been through woge lie door faces played coy about what was in anarchy filled nba trade deadline that we will get back to very shortly but we also have jason kelsea eagles starting center super bowl champion people's champion join us yesterday on goal come lingo and listen god love the guy he's a center i used to play center i look at him and i see a guy that's really gone above and beyond in his career is one of the best in the league got recognized as such we yesterday he comes on goal can win go and when we ask him about what to expect coming up in the parade this is what he had to say this is the levels at which he deceived us that i will tell you following oh man i don't know what to expect either undergoing out with an open mind i'm super opt up about it um you know i think that uh because through the guy little occupy wall really excited to see uh the show go on today i mean it's going to be pretty special oh is it jason.

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