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An effort to stop a controversial homeless relocation program a report published earlier this month suggested that up to twelve thousand homes people have been relocated to thirty two states and Puerto Rico under a special one time assistance program the lawsuit contends that more than one thousand of those families been relocated to Newark without any official notice to the city and in violation of interstate commerce rules Newark officials say in many cases individuals are forced to sign leases without having inspected the property and that many apartments suffer from vermin if infestation in many construction problems like damage ceilings and non available he police are investigating what appears to be a tragic accident on Long Island after an elderly man ran over his wife with a car in for to long W. A. B. C.'s Kristin mark for three W. A. B. C.'s Kristin marks reports Suffolk County police say seventy nine year old Nancy Richard was hit as are eighty three year old husband Peter was backing the car out of the drive way around seven thirty Monday morning she had been on her way back from dropping their grandchild off at the bus stop and died at the hospital the family reportedly owns PC Richard and son locations in the area I'm Kristin marks for seventy seven W. A. B. C. news a Brooklyn man is being sentenced in connection with a car crash that killed a newly engaged couple on Long Island remember one gins was sentenced to eighteen years to life in prison for killing twenty one year old yes real Levin and his twenty year old fiancee last year in in what authorities say Watkins was driving more than twice the speed limit on the Nassau expressway when he crossed over the double yellow lines and struck the couple's car head on live in Campbell and were returning home from a Passover gathering and were said to be married two months after they were killed on Wall Street the Dow was down three hundred eighty five points the nasdaq down ninety three point the S. and P. down thirty one points to lead the islanders hit the ice in Montreal the devils take on Vegas yesterday the Rangers lost in Vegas four to one now your forecast from the Ramsey miles the weather center a mix of sun and clouds.

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