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Jeff wilpon is running the show with the new york metropolitans it ain't working and to start things and i'm not trading degrom my trading syndergaard i wanna build around them bottom line is what the mets need to do immediately because they have the three guys is in the front office and ain't working i don't wanna see anyone from the sandy alderson regime running the show already and by the way don't expect anyone to get traded who is going to make the decision among the three that the mets have right now in the front office all vying to be the gm see the real gm of the new york mets is jeff wilpon not rico not were shahroudi not all mormon i of course for the talent and the development of young players bottom line is a jeff wilpon and he's got a turn things over to some baseball people he's gotta turn things over by binding with help of president obey small operation somebody who can run the show from baseball point of view because it ain't working with jeff wilpon and door fred is well one eight seven seven three three seven six six six six number to call eric is calling from bain ville eric you're on the fan what's happening louis what's up well you are thanks for the call what can you say the last call pretty much just stole my thunder so i'm just gonna say you haven't seen one slow the cuckoo's nest say again eric i'm sorry have you ever seen one flew over the cuckoo's nest i have okay now what i'm worried for you keep newly late night shifts gonna wind up like jack nicholson i just see like i really i picture you on the boat with about seven of the callers and when he's calling everybody doctor doctor doctor yes any leads the one guy out but it's just i worry for you because it seems like this is a real live wire today yeah no it's this is a unique program that's for sure well speaking of unique of the mets seems to be unique in the way that they fail on a consistent basis but it just so the it's so ironic would be mets organization that you would think building through the farm system which would be cheat would be their most ideal way to actually create a and i think that it's not as easy as trading off the ground and syndergaard because i don't think they're going to get a king's ransom like brian cashman take with two relievers and they've got one of them back right so i mean but who would so what are you gonna do then are you gonna build through free agency i mean doing that was that was popular in the two thousands can't do that anymore you know the yankees tried to mix and match and patch there's so many years with beltran and everybody well let me see going to do the same thing yeah well see what i would do is hold onto them and build around them but when you consider that the mets don't really spend money they don't i mean they would rather get you an adrian kansallis instead of eric hosmer yeah they have to change that and it's not just how much do you spend but how wisely you spend it so now i mean there just has to be such a restructuring and i mean they just have to almost start all over and steve i feel bad for tim tebow almost because if you know he got got announced to the double a all star game and congratulations we could have a good guy but did you like you like the kid with the pool in the summertime like wonders if like they like him for him or just the cool 'cause it's hot out you know like are they selecting him to the all star game because he's gonna bring up boatload of well yeah well that's it and and he's going to be and.

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