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Did he get that thing on his head. Yeah i i i. You just don't know with machine. I don't really have a gas but just a music video. Yep destinies video. Another moment where. The world took a collective gasp. There was a headline this week. And i the one that went viral. The most people screen shot at the most and we'll be sharing was from fox news at said jennifer aniston. David schwimmer after all. These years are now dating and that got the people go in thinking. Oh my god. Finally it's happening. They talked about how they had crushes on each other briefly you when they were filming and it's all coming together but that lasted. I think less than twenty four hours. Because david schwimmer's reps did put out a statement that that is not true. Thank god i honestly did not want jennifer aniston and david schwimmer to be dating. Because i really liked the story of them having a crush on each other and channeling that crush so hard through ross and rachel and then not acting on it and it's like okay you like that tension build you guys were professional and that's great. I think they're both past that in their lives. That'd be so cool that they end up like that's kind of drew national. Like wow like. Can you know what you're right. Why am i being cynical about it. If if if jennifer and because i have a vendetta against her but then it's like they were destined to be together. Yeah i to be honest. I think this just stems from our personal feelings about david schwimmer right. Like i think jennifer better than david twenty idea of longtime love interest on friends iconic getting together finally yes of course adds a love story for the ages. People would totally obsessed with it. And maybe it's just because ross and rachel who works o- on and off the whole time but you just. You felt happy knowing that. Ross and rachel figured it out that is like you didn't need it as much needed as much in real life. I watched an episode of friends. Who was just on my. I was watching cable when rachel's with joey and yeah think to yourself. How did they write this into brady. Brief time that for that felt silly. It was like rachel. And joey how far toward the end of the show. Run out of things tick yetlis. It felt ridiculous. I'm what no that was. That was ridiculous. What is also ridiculous. That david schwimmer's rep student led this role for like a couple of weeks. The fact that it was david schwimmer's reps denied this now. Jennifer aniston's make this makes is so much funnier because i imagine schumer's publicist. We gotta get out ahead of this. One guys look not even that. But i feel like almost maybe he got embarrassed like oh. I don't want jen to think that i'm telling people where dating didn't think about that. It's far too famous to ever address. Something like this but for him. He's like my. I've gotta to make sure. I'm too busy. Like with brad pitt. Room wimberly jennifer too busy like being. The world's best acts like posting photos of throw his birthday like just she's she also likes like all everything. John mayer post like good. You don't want to seems like such a great lady to take a page out of jennifer aniston spot Lobby john she does. And it's just so funny because it's like this right at the report was that You know those feelings started to stir up again. They've been spending a lot of time at her house in los angeles and his rep told l. u. k. Which is interesting of all publications to give the statement to. They won with al. Uk that the story is quote false. Just false that's the statement false. I mean they like rekindle it at the reunion comic sense. Yeah that is because they gave us the ammunition outlets could see totally outlets being like ooh any chance we get of any of that from like the actual report. No it's well the them confirming that they had crushes was during the friends reunion. I know was this just based on nothing. Oh no it came from closer. I don't even know if it was a legitimate closer online. It's a it's a uk it's a uk publication that i've legitimately never heard of jennifer aniston david together cozy dinners long walks and spark after twenty years of buried feelings together. So maybe that's why. They gave the statement l. u. k. It really was building in the in the uk tabloids and then it got picked up. Because i like. I said the fox news article is what i saw shared a million times. I saw it from pretty little thing which makes zero sense. Pretty full thing is british though is pretty they they posted. I saw their tweet. And then i saw dubois respond to it being like. This is all so damn tonight. Yeah they did pose a story very good very good authority that they're not dating. So you know what everyone sorry. Ross and rachel dreamers out there not happen. it's not it's not and that's okay it. Is we have a great interview with nikki. Glaser guys you heard us talking about it in the intro. I'm going to keep talking about it. August hold on to summer guys. It's not over yet. Hold on tightly and hold on tightly to your coors light. It's the official beer of slowing down summer. Summer always feels.

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