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Mgm radio which was the dodgers radio flagship station. He was calling the game And there are clips. There's a clip of him out there to a calling that final homerun And not nearly as as exciting or excitable as hodges for probably for obvious reasons. Ernie harwell was calling the game for for television. The new york giants flagship television station at the time was w x channel. Eleven which i think carries both mets and yankees games now but interestingly that game on local television channel eleven was also for that game being simulcast on the nbc television network and interestingly it was the first ever coast to coast. Live telecast of a major league baseball game so there probably a lot of people who heard the ernie hall not a bad call and of itself. that's also available floating around there on youtube etcetera but again not nearly the verve and the powerful excitement that you heard in the hodges call if you were listening to the game outside of new york. You've probably heard the gordon mcclendon call on something called the liberty broadcasting system. Yeah he said. The giant yelled out. The giants win the pennant. I think only once as opposed to hide his his. Like i don't know twelve but that was probably the more more or listen to broadcast. If you believe that there was another radio call by name. Al helfer on the mutual broadcasting system as well as two guys calling calling it for a spanish language network. I'm not quite sure what that network was named but buck canal and fairly low that you say that feel. Oh ramirez go. Sorry it's been a long day and there was also a re recording by nat allbright Who recorded or re recorded the game and For for later broadcasts as well so there are a whole bunch of places. You could have heard this game but but none more memorable than that of a russ. Hodges i believe last year. If i'm not mistaken. The library of congress even inducted that broadcast of hodges into the national recording registry. That's how iconic That call was one of the few rare moments of onfield greatness for this new york. Baseball giants team obviously followed up. Nineteen fifty four with the ultimate prize. The world series But of course alas the team along with the brooklyn dodgers across the river bolted from new york in nineteen fifty seven four the greater pastors of california and leaving broken hearts everywhere. But we're going to get into the story of of the giants and the guy behind it. Horace stoneham it's a fascinating tale. You'll get we'll get into it but he inherited the team from his dad. Let's say he wasn't the hardest working guy until his dad kinda put him through his paces in order to succeed if he could rise to the level of of managing a team like this in in he did so for sure after some hard Some hard times in some Some hard knocks in in the real world and and then some and It's very interesting that we have this conversation With our pal this week. Steve shredder Because his book is coming out in a couple of weeks time it's called forty years giant the life of horace stone. And you'll hear in our chat with steve few moments not a whole lot. That's obvious about the the life and times of this guy because he'd liked it that way he didn't he was kind of a modest character Some would argue his team kind of suffered from from a modesty Factor as well in the against the backdrop of.

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