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Drive sober or get pulled over of you're playing for a big night out. Make sure you plan for that designated driver. That's what the witness do baby. We call him Hoover Keeneland tickets around seven fifteen issue. We'll also talk to the little city pep rally. We're gonna call somebody. It's inside their six to eight at copper kings. Lance mcgarvy is your tonight. So, you know, what's apartheid is the voice of lucid NFC. We got him in between his trips to the gun range. And he's citing his knew he had to get his sighting on his new bazooka correctly. Leland Conway is with us tonight. Do you wear your tin foil hat when you go to the gun range or do you just leave? What do you do? It makes me bulletproof. I started my bazooka last night tonight. I'm just grilling on my back four. Are you doing? Did you have to sell? A psycho. When you said that you and it makes me bullet proof. Changing the oil on my tank, if you guys want to help me out what what is your gun of choice in after you shoot. It. Do you look over the person next to you like Bevan and go that's what I'm talking about. Yeah. Yeah. I tell you what if I'm to pistol. I love my Springfield armory ex-pm with nineteen plus one magazine that scares the crap out of Toni Monetti, those are this and Mana Springfield X. D is so easy to break down and clean. That is probably my favorite gun is. Well, yeah. My wife loves her. She's awesome with it on the range. And I love the AARP fifteen as well. So, you know, hey, I don't care if it's got this got powder in it. Oh god. It's gone. Our here we go. It's gone. Our now a two gun nuts. Dwight Whitten and Leland Conway just in case the point zero zero zero zero zero one chance you get to shoot out. All right. What if Donna the debtor happens, you're gonna come screaming demand or Donna Leila's house? He's in he's out in the country a little bit. He's got some land. We'll see zombies comment. I'm going to your house do ready for this ambi-, apocalypse worker. Plus, he he's paleo. He's going to cook me some paleo meals while the zombies are trying to get in the house. This stuff where I'll follow Leila. Plus, I listened to every day. And he's always posted pictures of like, here's my cauliflower pizza was. Delicious. And I always say, here's my mama. Bear knows pizza with mama. Bear knows pizza. Hey, I heard bear knows what's gonna make a paleo version, man. They're all maybe they they are. I'm in now Leland, and I've I've always told and he should start his own food truck. I said, you know, he he does such a good job cooking. You really do want to give you some props on that one. I said I used to write a book, and then I think a food truck. So I think and food trucks near to dear your to your heart. I think your dad or your best friend who's who started a food truck in your mind. Started one he named it after my late mother called it Carol's, check wagon. That is cool. Yeah. He's got that. He does pizzas and burgers and fries and all that kind of stuff to to to my friends. Just started one Zeke and Anita Sanchez. They they make authentic Spanish food Mexican. Like her sausa-. I buy it from her by the pilots, and they just started a food truck as well. I catch us up on what's going on with through trucks. And by the way, just so, you know, my dad's food truck is in Arizona. So not John Hagel. I'm a free market saying, you know, and and apparently what's happened here. Like there was a meeting. I guess it was last week. I was talking to the will sasquatch Clark the other morning, and there were members of metro council that are interested in restricting where food trucks can part because they say that they take up, you know, one or two parking spaces, and that you know, that's not fair because you know, whatever, I guess other people can't part wherever the food truck is which I think is absolute bull malarkey because from what I understand every one of those food trucks pays for their parking. And then I'll put it this way. Let's say let's say Toni Monetti you and I were going to discuss a business deal, and and we met downtown. And so we met at a restaurant where we may be sat down. We would park in the parking area. We pay our parking fee, and we would go for it in the economy, right? Wasn't the difference between that and a park in a truck parts in the same spot and sells hamburgers from ten to two. And then pulls out and after they've paid their entire what what's the difference, man? I mean, it's ridiculous. Isn't this being driven by restaurants? That are saying, hey, this is unfair. They can park a half a block from me don't have to pay taxes on whatever. And I've worked hard to market my restaurant. And here's this food truck. Pulling up half a block away and stealing some of my people. Sure. I mean, that's that's obviously driving it. That's the way business works. I mean, people, you know, are always trying to get an edge on the competition. But I look at it this way food trucks that totally different animal than a sit down restaurant. Yeah. Said if I'm going to meet with you. And have a dinner or if I'm gonna take my wife out to dinner. I'll listen, I love the sit down restaurants. We have in downtown bull. We go down there. You know, you have a nice dinner out. We sit down we have a quiet dinner. Everything's great. But you know, twelve thirty in the afternoon if you're at work downtown, and you just need a burger and fries because you're trying to get done and get back to work who trucks perfect for that. It's a totally different clientele. It's a totally different experience. And I think it's a huge part of our cities foodie identity, and we're always bragging about what a great foodie city. We are. Then we need to encourage experiential eating like this, which is what, you know, people get loyal to their food trucks. I like this winter I liked that one. You know, let it be they roll around it. If you're doing a sit down restaurant, and you're paying all those taxes and stuff back the choice. You made you decided to go with that type of program. You could start a food truck and some businesses that are laying brick and mortar restaurants have both. I think it's great. I it seems to me like this metro council is really concerned about legislating people out of business. And by the way, your your your your salaries driven by the tax dollars. Sometimes I wish they would just fund the police fund the fire department fix potholes and then sit down and shut up. Yeah. Get out of the way. Yeah. Totally agree with you, look, we've we've told these different side of this whole talk off thing. I am. But you know, we we can't have that. There was an article in the courier journal the other day about how millennials are choosing peer cities over local part of that's because younger people. They like experiences left, and they like things, and so if we if we say, no to every potential fun experience, which I think, you know, eating a food truck is kind of of that a lotta times it'll be, you know, maybe maybe sometimes it's a family from another country that immigrate tear, they bring their culture to their food truck. What did you do some kind of fusion, you know, that's an experiential situation. So you experience those authentic Mexican tacos or whatever that part of what makes downtown also. Yeah, I just got back from DC and in the street in front of all these world class museums. Right. These are the these are the museum so the mall is what they call it. Where? They have all these museums. All there is is a row of maybe thirty or forty food trucks just parked on the street. And that's what that's how you get a snack because there's no restaurants in in that entire area. But top golf got off the air that got passed. Yep. So they even went a step further and said, oh, yeah. You can have those lights to on the driving, by the way, we're going to have the noise ordinance extended the midnight, right? That'd be great with me. Man. I look I thought did you guys see the courage an article about a reporter up to the West Chester up in Cincinnati location. And couple of neighbors are like, yeah. I we were a little skittish. But turns out it's not that big a deal and all these restaurants open and all these other businesses open. I think you're gonna see kind of a revival of business in that area. I mean, Oxmoor was having some struggles or whatever at least it appears as such. I'm sure they wouldn't say that. But you know, there there were every time I went in there. There was another store that was closed down. This is going to bring more stores, and it's going to bring more restaurants in. Oh, yeah. Oh, no, no. It'll be it'll be a rebirth. That's my neighborhood. And they took out the food court in Oxmoor for some unknown reason a couple of years ago, they took the whole second level out and took the food court out. And then they sort of started to bolster the mall, just down the block and. And they've kinda left Oxmoor by itself. Therefore for some reason, but I agree this this will be a huge huge boom to Oxmoor just to re establish Saint Matthews as the shopping corridor. Hey, it's one more great fun thing to do and Louisville. You know, I mean, these top cops are popping up everywhere. And here's the thing. I know that topped off that they weren't gonna they were gonna go. Global if they would've gone to Clarksville right across the river. We built these big bridges, and then they're more business friendly on the other side of the river. So if we don't do something to keep businesses attracted to this area. We're gonna find out we spent almost a billion dollars just to send everybody the other side. And by the way, we built two bridges to send them to the other side, right? All right. All right. All right. All right. You guys you could go you guys can call each other and FaceTime as you clean your guns. A little bit later. We appreciate it. Leland conway. We'll take a short break. But first I want to remind you about lots of pasta, lots of pasta, Louisville dot com is the website. If you want something catered for a party coming up, no matter what you got going on. But lots of pasta is a grocery store, and it's a deli. So what you wanna do is go on by get a deli sandwich. I promise you. It's the best deli. You've ever been to right. Okay. I don't care if you've gone to an authentic deli in Chicago or New York, you go to lots of pastas deli. You won't be disappointed. I promise I won't go in there and the little grocery shopping team in all right? Lots of pasta in Saint Matthews on Lexington road.

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