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That shows that we should have never, ever, ever locked down. That shows that our immune systems have seen this path again was something like it before. And that the entire premise was alive. I want to see it this way. Today, after three years and I bring I was advised in WHO initially, I worked in infectious disease society of America as a clinical practice guideline trainer for infectious disease doctors in America and I supported the U.S. government. I'm trying to tell you the entire COVID pandemic. It was a fraud. The one the entire thing from the from the virus that we were told about, every single thing that it didn't say to us was a lie. Everything, all the way up. To this gene injection. And it's very difficult for me to say it as bluntly as I can because I don't want to, but I'm seeing it. I'm starting from that point of view and the point to answer your question is this. We've done nothing, nothing. Just strongly protective vulnerable and our society. That's the elderly news or even in your private home. Just use vitamin D three supplementation. Use the early treatment drugs so we told them about. But do nothing else. Don't lock down your school closure. We have been in the same place. In fact, all of the people who died would have not died. It is the medical management of our elderly. It was the medical management. We see that with diamorphine and my dad's a lot. We pump them decimated, kill them, and then we ventilate to them. The ventilators are killed our relieving answers. And all of these things must be investigated. It's a very serious issue. I agree, doctor, and those are things that we were talking about early on as well. The ventilators, it was pretty obvious. I'm not a doctor. Don't play one on radio. But I have eyes. And I have the ability to look at things in analytical way. That's what we do as financial advisers often times. And it was pretty obvious early on that. If they put you on a ventilator, you were done. It was not working, right? And now what really bothered me the most, I was screaming about it that then is that they were depriving loved ones of interacting with their family and making those medical decisions for the family members that couldn't.

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