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But i went from two homes to basements to addicts forty years of stuff to a tiny honda. Civic full of everything and i have nothing. Alison i don't have. You can say move and i would move in our have nothing. It's so amazing. I want to feel what that is like. I'm i just i am. I clutter owns me. And it's everywhere i must know. What are the books that you kept. Well my favorite book is. Jack canfield the success principles. I love the seven high seven. Highly abbots of successful people. I love wins by rob bell. I have my jesus calling which is a devotional journal. I have great mondays. Which is about a good way to have good corporate america and i did keep all of the secret. The power all of those types of manifesting books. But i tend to get rid of books too so like i'll read one and then i'll get rid of it and if i really like it i'll put it on my ipad. Just a few books that i occasionally like to hold invite possession. Yeah and is a whiteboard behind you. This is a whiteboard because what i'm coaching. I tend to write things on it. People are wondering what we're referring to youtube dot com slash. Alison rosen where you can see that you can see the blank whiteboard. But i know that you're a fan of giant post. It notes right god. Excuse me so these big post and i love. I love post. Its these are big so again compared to like this which is a normal posted. This is my post debt. And i use them for affirmations like my whole wall is these are my best thoughts. These are my best emotions. These are by six priorities. This year. i have my personal mission statement. Would you like to. Oh my god. It's so god okay everybody saw. Hey this'll take thirty seconds. So i wrote this last year okay. I encourage you if you're listening to write your personal mission. Statement because companies do companies have a mission statement. They have a manifesto. It's like this is who we are. This is what we do so as you're listening to be. Think about how you could apply this to yourself. This is who i am. And this is who i wish to be in the world because it makes my day so much easier because if i'm living out of line with that it's like that's not who i wish to be written right there on the wall. So this is my mission statement. I am the greatest love of my life. God is my partner and creating my life on purpose. I live in intentional of minimalism and contribution. I love others unconditionally. Regardless of them. I value deep connections and open minds and hearts. I create time for everything i want to do. My life is full of meaningful work. Ridiculously fun play. i use my emotions as superpowers. I defend the dignity of others and fight for equality. I am actively anti-racist. I am always learning growing evolving into new versions of myself. My purpose is to be an example of joy impossibility. I love that thank you. I love that. Yeah i feel inspired talking to you..

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