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Work with you. I mean, that's a real fear. I mean Antonio Antonio Antonio Sabato jr. Who's a huge actor at one point the guy was on General Hospital. He was on this movie that movie had he was a Calvin Klein model. I were watching TV when I was in the eighties when a sister who was a little older he was as underwear and she was like, he's so hot. He was in a Calvin Klein at he's now working construction in Florida. Nothing wrong with that saying he got blackballed from Hollywood for a speaking at the last Trump convention. I mean, that's what he says that he got. He got done bookable granted. I don't have those opinions that he had so I don't I'm not worried about the job. But that shouldn't happen. Like it shouldn't be that somebody has an opinion and you're not going to book them or work with them because you're like what what does that do? This is acting or his monologue or whatever to me. That's like that's fucking crazy and now he's doing his own network. And now I think Scott I know Dean Cain is another guy Dean Cain is like he's doing a movie that Obama page. So so now we're going to that land where people have to only do movies with that align with their political views. Like that's insane as well. Yeah. I mean, it should be that if you're a Republican or a Democrat it shouldn't matter how what you are as far sports or or you know acting or comedy it should just be like a boat whatever that's point is that nipple doesn't give a shit. That was so Nick Apollo. He's a big like UFC fan. So if you can find out anyway to get them on the show, that would be like a dream come true to me. He's look I gotta say when it comes to booking conservative wage. It's a lot easier than they're very open as far and they're very nice. They always get back to you. Like like I said that that that baseball player that every month stuff on our behalf. He was like the only player banned from San Francisco Giants attending the World Series because he's like my friend had my friend. Is that a cousin or a brother who's kid died like at Birth. It was like a terrible situation. He's a huge baseball fan and he hit me up and he goes the only baseball players like oh our behalf. He goes home. They make a video saying to my friend saying hey man, hang in there blah blah. I sent him a text within five minutes. I got a video from the guy and that's the kind of person he is like he's a nice wage that's person. I know now his thoughts on gay rights everything else. That's another situation. I may not agree with it, but you have to sometimes look at like You got a separate sometimes the person for the Politics as a lot of the politics aren't like maybe like racing wouldn't in that. I apologize. It wasn't connecting. I see what was thinking the wrong part of it is so good. I think that's unless you have to separate the person from the politics. I'm trying to say like, for example, I was saying he was saying like I was saying this guy Aubrey Huff, you know, every half Chang I think so the baseball player. He was like really good back in the day huge Trump supporter huge conservative always pissing people off and kicked off Twitter blah blah blah blah. I met him at a charity event. It was like Scott Baio's Scott Baio gotta bail and another guy whose daughter was diagnosed with a certain type of illness, but thought she had like a year to live right near it was a false positive and since then the kids like 12:00 every year, they raise hundreds and thousands of dollars for kids and actually have a disease and every year I go to this Thursday. And these people thank them they let sentiment Disney World if I'm cars these people like these families nicest things you could do like and I'm saying like I don't necessarily agree with all Scott Baio's, you know politics or we have politics but as a person what they do to actual people is really nice. And so I mean Jane do you have a problem with some time separating the person from the from from the politics know I I can separate them. I still blame them even though I liked me and I liked the fact Wayne puts guns to women's vaginas, why bucks but which you know, I think that's kind of hot. I just think I think that no I mean end of the day if I if I'm really nice to you Adam and I'm still kicking puppies down steps. You still gotta go. Yeah you real cool to me, but you you're a puppy kicker. You know what I'm saying? I know I did still I will like but there's like actions and there's like philosophies, right? So give your philosophy. Yeah cuz like so long If your actions right if every year saying you're going and just raising $100,000 for kids that are sick and and literally your actions are helping out families. Like you're actually putting people off your help saving lives your help making people happier. But yet when it comes to like taxes you believe in like a flat tax. Are you believing this or oh no. Yeah from that standpoint. Yeah, but a lot of these people don't just their actions do actually affect people their actions do actually, you know inhibit people from moving forward. So I do look at the actions and yeah, if you go off on a flat tax you have his other aspects of people's personalities. It's going to be fucked up, you know like that but end of the day like just like Scott Baio who's like, you know Pro Trump, it's like off if I if I'm like, hey pedophiles ain't that bad then you're going to be like, well, you kind of condone you're making you take an extreme case of an extreme exactly, but that's what Trump called by dead. And he's the one that got twenty fucking lawsuits pertaining to sexual harassment. He's the one who said grabbed a pussy. He's just for him to say that crazy because like like home yesterday, right? I turn on you know, what's his name sir? Topless or whatever historical novelist. What's the name Triceratops George Strait song? Yeah, that's our topic like Guardians of the Galaxy. It's not going to trial and he's asking about like masks and he some people don't like maths and he's like like who he's waiters, which is like waiters to be the fact was he wearing masks because they're spitting on your food. Like if anyone should fucking be wearing masks. It's a waiter should be waiters and he says the herd mentality right vs herd immunity, right? So true like fucking up left and right that one right? So I'm like, okay. It's a good day. If you're a liberal, I mean, this is a good day. If you're not for Trump turn on the other news and biding is playing despacito song. To a bunch of people and I'm like, what the fuck do you think about too bad guys? I mean, it's like you're not agree with you but it's like no but there are false equivalencies and what can be worse than the other there is a difference between getting punched in the face and stabbed in the face both were fucked up and they hurt and it's bad but one is way worse, but it's way worse profit wage. I know but interviews fans thinking or whatever the fuck if they can acknowledge that he said that shit on that you heard him say that shity heard him say and if they can take at least acknowledge that he fucks up which I've met on the show and talk to people say he say he never goes wrong in. You're a psychopath. Okay? Okay, but don't you realize that like all by that's do is not play despacito and for the Latin people and I know what it's like under fuk but like what is he who who's idea was it to have a roofer? There was a ringtone number one. I mean, what year are we are? We have ringtones. So he actually went out and downloaded Des Plaines. A ringtone and who plays that for? Is he going to play like Back That.

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