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To be at LJ two to one to move on to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey while Barcelona is knocked out of the tournament three to two extra time as Athletic Bilbao advances to the quarters In Italy Rome advances to the quarters of the Copa Italia with a three to one win over latching in England Liverpool advancing to the final of the cab about cup with a two nil second leg win over arsenal at Emirates as Diogo Jota scores a race to win two nil aggregate The reds will face Chelsea next in the final on February 27th at Wembley Both Real Madrid and Chelsea could be missing unvaccinated players for their Champions League round of 16 away matches in France after the country implemented strict new COVID guidelines including that everyone entering a public setting such as a sports arena must be vaccinated or have recovered recently from about a COVID UEFA says they are in discussions whether exemptions would potentially be allowed At the Australian open to see Daniel Medvedev needing four sets of advance to the third round over Nick Kyrgyz while 11 seed Yannick sinner moves on and straight sets Later tonight 7 seed Mateo bertini isn't actually against 31st seed Carlos alcaraz Eating the women draw 17 seed Emma radou is beating three sets by dunker Kobe niche while 14 seats Simona Halep advances in trade sets Later tonight fourth seed Barbara crutcher Cova 15 Maria sakari and ATC Paolo badosa played third round matches I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports hot day Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business at and at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business lash Looks as though we'll be in for some tough sledding in many Asian markets right now in the early going in Sydney which is not Asia but it's in the pack rim so I'll put it in there for you We're down about 1% Futures right now trading in Chicago for the nikkei weaker by about 400 points or so so it's going to be very difficult for the Japanese equity market It would be up here at this point We do have a stronger yen right now at around one 14 Stateside equities traded higher for much of the day but then we had a late session slump in consumer discretionary and that seemed to trigger a bearish reversal and then things got worse after the bell When Netflix said the current quarter will disappoint the company's expecting to add just two and a half million subscribers this quarter well below the estimate that the street had and the stock is down 20% right now and as a result of that weakness I'm seeing the NASDAQ 100 E mini futures contract trade lower by about 7 tenths of 1% You know the earnings season is just getting started Now in past seasons the S&P 500 has rallied about 80% of the time in earnings season but as our Elena popina points out this reporting cycle so far it's not looking that way and from our M live blog Felicia morantz was writing so far 61 S&P 500 companies have reported 48 have beat estimates 12 have missed Today we had a move lower in long-term interest rates at ten year treasury at one 80 That's where we'll begin in the Tokyo session at the top of the hour and after that rally yesterday in Hong Kong where the Hank sank was up 3.4% We had the NASDAQ golden dragon index which measures Chinese shares listed here in the states It managed to hold a gain in spite of today's weakness of something greater than 2% We'll take another look at market action for you in about 15 minutes Time for an update on global news at Baxter's in the Bloomberg 9 16 user in San Francisco it All right thank you Doug Biden administration says it is monitoring real-time data about whether omicron in China is posing a risk to global supply chains The Biden administration has been.

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