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Red. That's 7, 15 years, Frank Henry. It's a good day for Meryl a basketball now back to 500 in Big Ten play beating Nebraska 82 63 in college park. In terms of proved a 5 and 5 in conference play, they get Indiana, another big one that'll be home on Tuesday night at 9 o'clock. Number 7, Virginia tops, Boston college, 76 57, GW loses at fordham 85 70. Howard is an action right now as they're taking on North Carolina's central. They're playing this one early in the third quarter of play and they've got a 32 29 lead, actually excuse me. They trail 32 29 out of North Carolina central as they start the second half at bird gymnasium. AU was when knocking off navy 73 69, wizards at New Orleans in about 45 minutes is a Wiz go for 5 wins in a row, but Anthony gill has entered health and safety protocols. He's out tonight. Chris taskforce is also out with a left ankle sprain. Two time WNBA champion and MVP Candace Parker plans to sign with the Las Vegas aces as an unrestricted free agent. She announced that on her Instagram page, even the AFC and NFC title games, who do you like tomorrow, Philly, San Francisco, that's a three. Followed by Kansas City, Cincinnati at 6, 30. Frank and ran WTO be sports. Frank, thank you very much. WTO is time. 7 17. This is WTO P news. Rodriguez police investigating an attempted abduction of a ten year old happened in the 2500 block of commons apartment complex. Yesterday, around four 15, the victim was walking near the leasing office, a man got up at his car, parked and grabbed the girl and placed her hands behind her back, the victim escaped and ran home, police have described the suspect as driving a gray sedan. And a four year old girl shot in southeast D.C. this morning, D.C. police saying, it happened around 10 o'clock the 1800 block of 28th place southeast and Randall heights. The child was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover, police though are still investigating. Coming up after traffic and weather together on the 8th, the top stories were following for you at this hour, activists demonstrating across the country and here in D.C., upset after the release of that video of the arrest of Tyree Nichols, it showed 5 Memphis police officers beating him, Nichols died, three days later. An investigation is underway in Los Angeles after a mass shooting in an area known as Benedict canyon, three people were killed four others wounded earlier this morning. Former president Donald Trump kicking off his 2024 White House bid today with visits to a pair of early voting states. For more on all these stories coming up in just minutes, 7 18. Traffic and weather together on the 8th, new Dresden now, the traffic center. In the district still has struggle getting into the district using the inbound 14th street bridge at last report we did have one broken down right in the middle of the cage bridge. Blocking the right side they delays her back over into the Virginia side near The Pentagon. And this again for the incident and the middle of the case bridge, one broken down block and the right side. The southbound side, not bad as far as delays are concerned, minor toy south capital street down to main avenue just find the best. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a crash northbound on D.C. two 95 right before you get to Pennsylvania avenue. Looks like still blocking the left lane. In Maryland and Montgomery county, we are dealing with crash activity on the inner loop ramp to northbound I 95 with Elaine black blocked rather we're seeing delays all the way back to university boulevard. On the inner loop. Prince George's county where a decent shaped no incidents to report on the beltway, however, BW Parkway still jammed up both directions with volume four ten through the beltway all the way up to one 97. Two 70, we may have an incident now on the northbound side as we approach the area of falls road on the right hand side on the main line. Do you use a bit of caution? Otherwise, we're in good shape, both directions on route 50 from the capitol beltway out to the Chesapeake Bay bridge currently we have two lanes open eastbound three going westbound no issues along route three O one where at the nice Mac Middleton bridge. Just imagine new teeth in just 24 hours. It is possible with G four by gulpa and the gulpa precision implant dentistry technology. Schedule your console today at G four by culpa dot com. Steve dresner, WTO traffic. Steve, thank you. Now let's get your storm team four four day forecast. Here's NBC four Samara Theodore. Well, tonight, we are dry, quiet, temperatures falling into the 40s and 30s overnight. Tomorrow for your Sunday expect more cloud coverage. Eyes on Sunday in the upper 40s, not quite as warm, we even have a chance for some showers in the afternoon and evening hours. Monday, we're dry again with the mix of sun and clouds and highs on Monday should manage to make it into the upper 50s. Some spots in the region will be close to 60°, believe it or not, by Tuesday everything changes were much cooler with highs on Tuesday in the low 40s. Rain expected for your Tuesday through the afternoon and evening, and then temperatures drop into the 20s, Tuesday night into Wednesday, so Matilda under that we could actually see some rain changing to snow. We're drying out by Wednesday afternoon, mostly sunny, high temperatures on Wednesday will be in the 40s. I'm storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore. Samara, thank you right

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