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Uhhuh j away news radio time is 130 you heard about it on coast to coast late last night michigan residents reported seeing a large flash in the southeastern part of the state it's believed to be a meteor kalamazoo astronomical society president richard bell in front of it it compresses the gap whoever atmosphere which heat them up and so the the heat aghast basically vaporizes the meteorite and when that happens we now refer to it as a meteor about an hour after the flash were seen the national weather service in detroit said in a twitter post that it was likely a meteor sadness in the college football world police in pullman washington say washington state quarterback tyler helene ski is that after an apparent suicide police say they conducted a welfare check after he didn't show up for a practice they say he suffered a gunshot wound to the head and bullet they say there was a suicide note next to him he was 21 years old and accepted two o'clock rob dawson k away news radio 850 a m at 941fm the rams to wisconsin for sympathy for my twentyfive remain closed till about 530 this morning you'll have more problems than i 25 between the tech center in thought and you'll make a time on six to lakewood uganda problems on i to 25 you make the time on thirtysix between here in boulder payable over an out to the airports looking in pretty good shape i've got nothing interfering with drive when i to 70 or ice 764 up to the minute traffic update you round download the new total.

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