President Trump, Trump Tower, Donald Trump discussed on Rosie on the House


Arizona's news station KTAR news now KTAR news time. Is seven. Thirty good morning. I'm Mark Carlson President Trump is facing questions about what he knew about the twenty sixteen Trump Tower. Meeting was Russians and when he knew it multiple sources telling ABC news that Trump's longtime. Lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen claims that then candidate Trump knew in advance of that infamous Trump Tower meeting. With the Russians Donald Trump junior has repeatedly said that he never told his dad during the campaign that he met with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. President Trump tweeting I did not know of the meeting with my son Don Jr. sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam Authorities say the small northern California community of Keswick is essentially wiped out. By a wildfire that destroyed five hundred structures and threatens another five thousand the boys grew to seventy five square miles last night after a tore through two. Small communities and reached the city of reading about thirty seven thousand people remain under evacuation orders today so called car fire that has killed two firefighters the blazes just five percent contained Traffic and weather now here's Mike gandules in the valley, Chevy dealers traffic center well thanks Mark get some, ramp restrictions state route. Fifty one both directions record. Indian school wrote, a note turns, are allowed on eastbound Indian school so take Thomas wrote as an alternate and working that crash paradise valley Donald drive just. East of Tatum this report brought to you by Napa Napa auto parts has the expertise and parts you need to help keep your car on the road no matter how many miles. It has quality parts helpful people that's Napa know. How I Mike annuals KTAR news Thank you bye KTAR weather for the valley today. Partly cloudy with the high of about one hundred eight tonight partly cloudy skies with, low of eighty seven. Tomorrow partly cloudy and not as hot, a. High of one oh six it is. Ninety two degrees currently in Sun City weather brought to. You by Howard air whether replace or repair call, Howard air I'm Mark. Carlson on Arizona's news station KTAR news Hi I'm ABC BT meteorologist Irish here Maceo and I'm. Glad to. Be joining the KTAR morning news team with your most accurate forecast so when you wake up tune into ABC, contain mornings then. Listen to my weather report during your commute on There are times when you. Got to beat, the heat that anytime hot or cold it's hard to stop a train train. Air conditioners are tested to his dad.

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