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But just switch. If you're worried about AJ Griffin's feet and who he's able to cover out there, I don't want him to be hunted. You can't haunt Jeremy sohan. You can't. Like you can't really haunt Dyson Daniels. I want to be the hunter, not the hunted. Like, I want to be the one pressing. Like, great. If you hit it to the wing and you say, sohan can't shoot and give a ton of space. Who cares? We'll do a dribble handoff of space back out. I can reverse the ball. You can't really reverse on defense. Like you can switch, but that millisecond that you do, something happened where the floor gets slanted for the other team. You don't want that in the playoffs. I think I agree with you. I think it's part of the reason that Miami has been so successful is that they've been willing to dive into these imperfect players and make them work. Finding all offense, Tyler hero, and making him work Duncan Robinson. And they've gotten pretty far doing that now. In the Conference Finals and max struss is playing up until the last couple of games, at least over Duncan Robinson. Because he's a two way guy, and I think that you can figure out a way to kind of make that work. But I think that it's easier to teach shooting than it is to teach the tools that are necessary to defend on an MBA court. Duncan Robinson, I love the guy and I have an immense amount of respect for what he's built and the money that he's going to make. And his NBA career is phenomenal. I don't think you can teach that. I defend. I don't think he has the frame for it. I don't think he is the quickness for it. You can hopefully kind of teach PJ Tucker to shoot though, right? To take two guys on the heat. So that's kind of where I'm at on it. Okay, post combine narratives, you mentioned Jalen Williams. Feels like a good place to start. Jalen Williams, how high is too high for Jalen Williams? Because it feels like that is now a thing. Lottery, right? Is that probably the highest that I'd say? Like where I have him right now is on my very involved big board here is I haven't 18th. And even that feels like high, but you take the shot at him there based on everyone else that's available as we kind of like a low key crush the top of the draft, but when you start creeping into like ten, 9, could he go that's just seems too much. He had a really good year, I love the offensive versatility as he's like a bigger, stronger wing with long arms, but could shoot, has a handle, really good vision. I don't know if that's really a lot of pick..

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