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They're not going up against defensive lineman. But I agree with you there Thinking on friend Polito have a huge impact on this offensive line room and not just with Guys like Jackson Carmen, but with existing players, but probably didn't get coached the way they should have. America. Fred Johnson, Michael Jewelers, Makeem a dented gee guys that you have. They probably don't project the starters. My second stringers that very well could end up getting significant playing time based on what we've seen from an injury standpoint for the Bengals over the past couple of years, So if Frank Polich and coach some of these guys up And maybe this offensive line can be not only competent because I do think they have a at least average starting line. The backups can be good enough to where if you lose one or two guys, it isn't the end of the world. You have a revolving door at one of the spots ahead of silver, which has been the nightmare of course last season and in before James Rippin, Sports Illustrated all Bangles calm and locked on Bengals podcast. He was no Tia's Yesterday outside Paul Brown Stadium, the practice field Beautiful day to practice Maybe a little a little warm for the for the big boys, but Nonetheless, we'll take it right and jobar look pretty good yesterday. Um, it's good to see him run around. It's six months in on a reconstructed knee. And, of course, you had the ad Jamaar Chase in the mix, too, as well. It's fun to watch one of the other things too. Here is no controversy, right? We heard a lot about this in the offseason, James about Jack Taylor and the the That the temperament and the condition inside the locker room and you know what? Yesterday everybody shows up anyone who is and 100% healthy At this point, everyone was there to show Proteus. What's that say about this controversy and Zach Taylor? I think it says, and I don't want to take away from from Taylor. But I think that's a a player driven type of thing. It's really hard right now, with the NFLPA in the NFL and everything that's going on for Coaches to drive that. And I think that comes more from Jesse Bates on defense. Who's now the NFLPA representative for the Bangles. Now that you know Atkins is no longer on the roster. You know Jesse Bates calls you and you're my killed are your Trae Waynes? You want to come in? Because you don't want to let let your teammates down, especially if you just signed Ah, contract in the off season and in base is one of the best safeties in the league and then flip it. If you're odd on tape or your Mike Thomas or insert whatever. Player on offense, Riley Reef in job Earl calls and says, Hey, I wanna I wanna work out. I want you to hear my cadence I want to throw to you Well, heck, man, you might as well get in there, and I think it it is crucial, though, for the for their success, I think Two. Have these type of practices where? Yeah, it's just Glorified walk too. Like I said a special Tuesday and he was, you know, it was a lot of one on one stuff, but They didn't get any of that last year, Joe Burrow that was his first. Okay, practice ever because it was all on zoom last season, and if they're going to take a couple steps forward. The Browns aren't doing this right now because they're veterans are working out on their own. And so you need every advantage that you can have against any relief teams in the league, especially developing new faces all this roster turnover that you've had And so I do think it says something about the players and certainly Zack and the coaching staff that they were all able to show up all willing to, and even the guys that couldn't participate due to injuries. Trey Hopkins DJ reader as they react They were on the rehab field, working out in that heat that you mentioned. It's not like they were just standing on the sidelines. So it was certainly good to see that and Plate set the tone for the rest of the off season. Well, how straight Hopkins come along, because I mean, that's critical right there. He's gonna be your starting center, but he's got to get cleared before they started the season. What's his condition? He looks pretty good yesterday. We didn't get to see him. You know up close because again, he was just doing rehab. But, uh, it's to me. I think that dicey. I'm sure his his goal is to get Cleared by week one. And that would be great. If not, we're probably talking about Billy Price starting week one at center. Um, but it's tough because he wore it. In week 17 against the Ravens like that was that was in January. I mean, that's two month last month after a borough. I don't know how long it took him to get surgery. I would assume at least a month. You need that that swelling to go down or at least three weeks. And so we'll see. But he was running. He was doing some Heidi's. He was doing things like that, but he was off in the distance. That was hard to tell. But I think his goal is certainly to be cleared for week one. That might be realistic will see. I haven't talked to the doctors about him that much. It's been burned central on on. And as you know, all right, James, I'll let you go. But I appreciate the time is always James. Writing about the bends all Bengals dot com hashtag all Bangles. For Sports Illustrated. Of course.

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