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8 O 8 Get a $49 fall furnace tuna by calling 809 48 Mike Traffic and weather on the 8s here and let's get you back to Jack and the traffic center All right the complications in Virginia coming out of Springfield on the inner loop as you move off 95 get north of backlick road headed onto the inner loop the wreck that was up before two 36 little river turned pike moved over onto the shoulder caused the delay back into the Springfield interchange In the delay now before Braddock wrote callers describe a box truck broken down in the center of the roadway 66 and three 95 really not too bad right now 66 east was a bit heavy getting into and through manassas then again leaving Centreville 95 had a delay briefly in woodbridge coming through lorton but then again on three 95 pace improves after edsel to slow again up near The Pentagon to get across the inbound 14th street bridge You'll find in Maryland the beltway inner loop down your two O two land over road first report of a broken down vehicle potentially in the roadway use caution there The major issue is going to be in Rockville two 70 southbound mainline As you get south of shady grove headed toward 28 left half of the roadway blocked with the investigation This is where the trooper had been involved in the crash two to the right will continue to get you by In the slowdown under muddy branch getting south the clapper wrote there'd been some activity if still there was over on the shoulder Now the equipment's on 95 southbound as you head toward two 12 That crash cleanup will take away that right excuse me Left lane is blocked there Now you'll find all the activity on the Baltimore Washington Parkway northbound before one 75 cleared that had been along the right side of the roadway checking on I 97 northbound as you head through Annapolis up near the Hawkins road overpass There we'd had reports of a rec do be careful In the district Pennsylvania avenue west under D.C. two 95 that's a reported crash careful along Pennsylvania avenue at 27th southeast flashing traffic signals delays remain leaving oxen cove the wreck north on I two 95 before laboratory road got out of the roadway but now in that slowdown there's a broken down vehicle along the right side Can't find the new car you're looking for try a Fitz way used car next to a new car if it's way cars best visit fit small dot com for reliable pre owned vehicles you can trust That's the Fitz way Jack Taylor WTP traffic Lauren ricketts has our forecast We'll start off with sunshine on this Wednesday with cloud gradually increasing throughout the day Now the daylight hours dry but we are expecting some.

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