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The steelers selected oklahoma state quarterback mason rudolph seventy sixth overall in the nfl draft last weekend so there's the question about whether he's the heirapparent to ben rothlisberger rothlisberger telling the pittsburgh post gazette he's planning to play three to five more years espn's adam schefter he's been consistent in his message which is that he'd like to play a few more seasons at least he said after the season he said it again this week after the pittsburgh steelers use a third round draft pick on oklahoma state quarterback mason real this is essentially the equivalent of a dog morton is territory again after this steelers used that traffic on mason rough but again it's consistent with what is said all along no different a couple of years back ben rothlisberger operated on a year to year basis it seems like now he'd like to play longer and all the quarterbacks that same reckless ben rothlisberger ui manning philip rivers all show no signs of letting notebook there five years younger than tom brady who wants to play a couple more years they want to keep going all these quarterbacks ben rothlisberger wanted to play into his forties earlier on the will cain show rothlisberger let's take a minute and talk about ben rothlisberger this guy is the worst girlfriend you ever had like she's not india she's not india she might leave you and the minute you get an option the minute your eyes wander she's in love with you again you've had that girlfriend played hard to get the game about getting the girlfriend but this is the one you have to keep playing hard to get with to keep the girlfriend because this is what ben rothlisberger just told the pittsburgh post gazette on tuesday he was sast whether or not the steelers have now drafted his replacement in racing rudolf as the colleges suggested and this is what rothlisberger said.

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