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Good feet dot com for the location nearest you I'm Jonathan cotton and we look forward to seeing you soon at the good feet store Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white So that red so Ben Ravi we're talking final four Yeah getting set for a couple of big ones tonight national semifinals Villanova and Kansas tip off at 6 and that will be followed by duke and North Carolina the longtime rivals meeting for the 258th all time but for the first time on the big stage of the NCAA tournament Meanwhile a new head basketball coach coming to George Washington the colonials announced they've hired Chris caputo caputo having spent the past 20 years as an assistant on Jim Lara staff first at George Mason and then at Miami Also on campus today men's lacrosse top ranked Maryland taking on Michigan this afternoon terrapins still unbeaten at 8 zero on the season and in the NHL Philadelphia flyers defenseman Keith yandle won't be playing tonight and that is noteworthy as yandel is the NHL's all time Iron Man He had played 989 consecutive games dating back to 2009 a run that will now come to an end Then raby WTO sports Thank you Ben The top stories we're following for you now on WTO landmines one of the biggest concerns now and Ukraine Ukraine's president says retreating Russian forces near Kyiv are creating a disaster by leaving behind land mines including near homes and corpses Meanwhile Pope Francis now says a possible visit to Kyiv is on the table After Will Smith has resigned from the motion picture academy following his Oscar night slap of Chris Rock and says he will accept any further punishment the organization imposes Smith loses voting privileges with his resignation but the academy says they are still moving forward and ahead on a formal investigation The state legislature has passed measures paving the way for marylanders to decide whether or not to legalize marijuana across the state Another bill passed details just how much marijuana an individual could possess State of WTO for more on these stories in just minutes A sentence has come down for a Montgomery county man who murders his wife in 2018 34 year old roel dens through the second pleaded guilty to first degree murder back in November for the depth of 34 year old Alice Dennis Now he's learned that he will spend at least 40 years in prison Dennis body was discovered in their home and he was arrested in Mexico a few weeks after the killing Prosecutors believe dempster who already had a lengthy criminal record killed Dennis as part of a domestic dispute They say he then fled to Mexico Dennis was also the mother of his children At the time of the murder dempster was on federal probation for a 2015 gun conviction Acacia James WTO P news Coming up in money Buying a house now is more affordable I'm Jeff Soviet teen traffic and weather together on the aids to rob stallworth in the WTO traffic center In Maryland on the eastbound ICC between shady grove road and muncaster mill road still with a single right lane getting by the work zone there to 70.

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