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If is big baller shoes causes injury. Lebron city away from the team Rondo sitting away from the team. And this surprised us. All this just proves that. We don't pre record this show. A day before the season. Magic johnson. This impromptu press copper decided I've had enough of this job. I felt for two years and decided to move on. Now, it's time to hang the banner. Oh, there goes it started with promise really this as a lot getting LeBron. They think maybe this is the turning around of this franchise, but men. Promise, but they did get an huge fight the first week of the season that maybe magic resigned they didn't want to have to be here when that banner guy. I can't say I'm unhappy to see that Lakers logo. It just feels good to have that prominence. Storied franchise up there. We've got the Lakers logo. What's next? I was going to. Are you leaning towards the Lakers before the impromptu Magic Johnson press conference, and that was just like the cherry on top of the Sunday ashtray said it sort of started in week one up and down the Ross lavar ball didn't even do all that money. Yeah. Sure. And they still hack of a bad season. Jimmy Butler was definitely played into that the fans situations definitely played into that. But I'm sick of talking about that fan in Utah. Yeah. The Lakers did a lot Jimmy Butler sort of once he got traded that kind of ended his season. Really right there the lake it just kept on producing. They're always for content content. All right. We got lots more still to come on the starting tonight. When we come back, we hit out the award for funniest moment of the year and a personal favorite of mine. Most improved player can't wait the bait that. That. The cases we gotta find who wrote this note, we do that. We find the killer. This science defined out. Police used Luminol a chemical which glows when it comes into contact with the iron component in blood that drama, but where was the rifle, and which man was telling the truth for renchik files. The legendary true crime show is now.

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