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Oakland a Cumulus station now on Amazon. Alexa open the Kosovo skills summit tornado. Mayhem I'm Elliot Francis President Trump says he wants to host a second meeting with. Russian President Vladimir Putin sometime in the fall that use comes, a few days after the Helsinki summit led to a. Lot of hand wringing about what was said and what was meant as the two presidents met face to face alone at Thursday's Aspen security conference. In Colorado at a. Session moderated by journalists Andrew Mitchell director of national. Intelligence Dan Coats along with many in the room reacted to the plan have, some breaking news the White House has announced on Twitter Putin is coming. To the White House in the fall Again Okay That's going to be. Special Earlier the White House said Mr. Trump had decided to reject that plan offered by Putin that Russians question a number of, US security and diplomatic personnel including a former ambassador to Russia all this as the Senate voting to approve, a resolution condemning, the idea the Des Moines Iowa area was hit hard by tornadoes, overnight after three to four powerful super cells created multiple phone, crowds across the region go Michael says detail, in pillow for mere manufacturing sustained. Significant damage to their facility there, were injuries at the plant but are still unsure of how many people were inside when the storm hit catastrophic damage was, also reported in Marshall towel especially, along its main street videos posted the social media show homes and buildings being destroyed by the store and fourteen other states of suing the EPA over decision to suspend Obama era rule aimed. At limiting pollution from trucks the lawsuit filed Thursday says the Jill Ally sixth decision by the EPA was legal and.

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