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Michael k williams was originally was the star solo a star wars story i we know that his character was kind of replaced by who pulp had benny i think and um because of the refutes uh we now have some info on his original character chris you're at it up for the say what do we know yes so michael kaley ims like you said he was originally going to be in solo and he had shot a bunch of stuff and then ron howard came in to do all these receipts and michael carterwilliams is scheduled didn't allow him to be part of the refute so paul bent he is playing his character now but during this reason interview michael keilim reveal some details at old likely still be in place for bentley's take on the character um we are known for a while now that the characters going to be enhanced to with you know cgi basically it's it's not a human character and according to michael he williams the character is half mountain lion halfhuman so picture that if you want to and he also reveal that there's something of a love triangle going on between his character and amelia clark's character and han solo so again i'm not sure if all that's going to be in you know the the the ron howard cut because i'm sure a lot of stuff has changed but that just gives you a basic idea of how that character is going to play out in the film it doesn't seem like paul bad knees gonna have the half mountain lion take maybe because they you know went back it's you know they they had to bring him back in legal late into the production or you know not even late into the production.

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