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With extremely attractive, entry rates, but that would balloon to really extraordinarily extraordinary levels, if they didn't get paid off in a certain amount of time and just like the housing crisis. This system was built on the idea that taxi medallion prices would never. Fall. And then, of course, incomes ride hailing in this whole system, collapses, and thousands of drivers are unable to pay back their loans, their lives have been ruined. We've seen a spate of many suicides in the taxi industry in New York. It's been very sad. And this, this was just a really great piece of journalism as a two part series, and it sends caused a bunch of investigations in New York, and it's a reminder that, you know, these stories are just far more complicated than they appear because, of course, Uber and lift causes major problems, but they exposed and exacerbated this much bigger financial system underpinning, the taxi network. Yeah, I talked to a driver in Chicago, taxi driver, who said sort of the same thing that he bought this really expensive medallion, and it's worth nothing now, that's it for the show. You know, we don't ask for subsidies. Here we just ask for your moral support, send out the word on social media recommend this show to your colleagues and friends, give us a rating and review on apple podcasts. Thanks. You so much for joining us, so Catherine you're there and DuPont circle where you gonna go. You're going to go to the IMF today. You're going to go to the World Bank. Treasury. You're gonna go to Corp our yoga to shake shack, what delightful place or you're going to attend after we finish this podcast. I am going to go back to my office and do conference calls for the rest of the day. I'm afraid not very glamorous jigger. What's up in San Francisco? I'm going to start looking for subsidies for myself. I really. Yeah. I really think that there's a big big opportunity in subsidies. If you find any shoot them over to me, we can divvy them up, and we'll put more money into this show on the government dole. With jigger Shah and Catherine Hamilton. I'm Stephen Lacey. This is the energy gang conversations on the future of energy from green tech media and postscript audio we'll catch you next time folks..

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