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Of a big loss because it can certainly color i think in a good way you're investing education and in career going forward last question thinking still play red rooster on guitar was last time you picked up a guitar can i haven't played car in a long long time but i'm sure i could play little red rooster with my eyes closed i don't know how well play it that's a different topic and it would be a question of what tuning i was in i used to play mostly in d or e open tunings flight and bottleneck and as you discern from checking out my back pages little red rooster was just about my all time favorite and i basically loved blues rock and particularly you know what i did was lied and you know i've rate memories that but everything's age appropriate and i don't really see myself at my age is running around playing guitar anymore well i i listen to it for the first time yesterday great and we'll we'll get jeff to add a little snippet to them never never you've never heard red rooster before no not not i think i listened to the dixon version is that right wrote the song but you know what you wanna do it's been done so many times so many great people but literally this is an opinion of course i don't think it's ever been done in a way that really moves more people than the stones version i mean keith richards keith richards rhythm guitar on little red rooster is just a die for check it out check out the stones doing a little red rooster whether it's one of their recordings of it or whether it's them doing it live there just i mean he this great great great performance rates on by the way listeners kenan irbe be speaking at the i'm in conference down in so cow in june so come on out and say a hello kim fisher it was so much fun today thanks for taking the time out to to chat with us thanks for having me on medved was fun listeners.

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