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And weather together for you. Coming up at eight ten an off-duty Saint Louis city. Police officer will shot and killed early this morning. We go to cammo Xs Brian Feldman live in the news room. For the latest Debbie police chief John Hayden says a twenty four year old female officer died from an accidental shooting this morning around one o'clock in south Saint Louis. Chief aide and says to male officers went to the home at the seven hundred block of Dover. That's when the female officer stopped by and the shooting happened hated did not say which officer fired the shot, nor did he released the circumstances for even firing the weapon police union business manager, Geoff Rawda released a statement saying, quote, the Saint Louis metropolitan police department and the Saint Louis police officers association lost one of our own early this morning and a tragic incident that is still under investigation. We know the press and the public want to understand what happened so. Do we? But for now, we wait we wonder, and we weep we ask that the media and the public respect the privacy of this young officers family, friends and co workers as they mourn. The motto of the national law enforcement memorial is it is not how these officers died that made them heroes. It is how they lived. That's what we should focus on right now. How this officer lived? She served her community and her nation with dignity and courage, both as a police officer. And as a member of the military that is how she lived as a hero. And for now that is all anybody needs to know and quote reporting live, Brian Feldman. Newsradio eleven twenty K Molex more violence in Saint Louis last night. A man was shot in the head just before ten o'clock in the eight hundred block of Shurmur a little more than an hour later in the thirty nine hundred block of Alberta. A man was shot when police arrived. The victim was not breathing homicide was requested and the idea of letting Missouri voters statewide help decide the proposed merger of Saint Louis city and. County is drawing some fire from a county councilman councilman Mark harder says the push to take the issue statewide is not popular here or elsewhere around the state as you've probably seen in the Kansas City star and other places they're not in favor of it either. Because they know that if this happens the Saint Louis it's coming to independence, blue springs and other areas surrounding Kansas City in harder wants to put a binding referendum on the April twenty twenty county. Ballot to find out how county voters think about letting the rest of the state have a say, so the group marketing the merger better together claims. A statewide vote is needed to merge. Police departments and courts, Kevin Kelly. Newsradio eleven twenty kmox. Harder was a guest on the Charlie Brennan show, even as the LA Rams prepare for the Super Bowl their jilted fans here in Saint Louis are a big step closer to getting some money back. Cornfield is the local attorney who's been at the forefront of a lawsuit on behalf of former Saint Louis PSL owners. He says at long last the Rams have put their signature on a settlement agreement. To return up to twenty four million dollars to fans who used to watch the Rams at the dome in America center, cornfield hopes former Saint Louis fans think it's worth the time and effort to seek refunds because it'd be great. If STAN Kroenke had to pay twenty four million dollars to the fans of Saint Louis, the how much he's going to.

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