Oregon, Dame, Jim Dillon discussed on Championship Drive


The philosophical discussion of the value of a conference championship which you Alabama seem to answer last year. That matter Dame would not all that valuable. So. You know, I I, I don't know. I mean, you know, Washington is going to need somebody in the conference to to step forward and play better. You know, Stanford's got issues. At the line of scrimmage, Oregon, I don't really. I don't have a great amount of faith in Oregon, and I don't have a great amount of faith in the entire south. So you don't like the buffs Ivan. Well, we were discussing that yesterday. Got got a play somebody. So to answer your question, No, at this moment, maybe they'd beat the Brask in that a good win. No. That is. It's sad that that made me laugh. What you guys love all this scenario talk though in early October about before? Yeah. Out of these teams will be in the mix by the time we get there, no, they're going to be. There's going to be some something happened. There always is November's the month that really sorta throws a wrench into everything. But to me, the scenario that would be just would throw everybody in the mid west into complete chaos is if for the third straight year, the big ten champion somehow does not get into the playoff. That would be fun when Notre Dame did. Yeah, let's say for the third straight year, the the big ten champ is left out in Notre Dame does get in. Yeah, thank Jim Dillon. I'll be happy camper. Yeah, you could no stain would be rising off his off his pate. Washington does have to go to Oregon on October thirteenth next week in Oregon has this week off. So that's that's something to think about. But maybe grasping at straws. When we come back, we want to go on this show. Phil Steele will be here. We will be spoken nerd Alie to us with Seth Walder. And of course, Brad Edwards will have your walk on our extra points. But I, I want to tell you about Indochino guys. Everybody knows that made to measure suits, fit better compared to generic off the wreck suits. I mean, da Indochino is the world's most exciting made.

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