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Work Sweden they play a course in London they played in the Berlin Germany against the forty Niners I was able to go to both the games in Sweden and Germany and they did a terrific job led by Mike McCaskey I would say Fred Mitchell so in spite of all of that in the division titles in the Super Bowl title Mike McCaskey got his share of criticism Denis Dave Hibbett yours yeah he did and you know some of it I thought it got back to the criticism he got from some of the players on the eighty five team Jim McMahon notably and course didn't always see eye to eye with Mike Ditka and then released a jury Vinny see who's the general manager so I think all those things probably led to some of that but look he he's the guy who moved the bears to to Halas hall the facilities they have now which day and they've re done them since they made the move from the Lake Forest college campus and and there's no question he was a a figure who was an overriding figure that eighty five team which had tons of personalities always had a very good relationship with WGN radio by the way I remember he used to fill in for Milt Rosenberg an extension seven to one I didn't know that yeah he said he was a brilliant guy well you know what it's funny you mention that because I think I only interviewed him one time and I was surprised he was quite the eclectic renaissance man interested in art and write a very and I found a very personable and a good guy and well you know what I mean it comes with the territory that criticism begat look George Halas was always he was always a hit for being cheap and I think in in those jobs you just you you get it even if you win a Superbowl it it's just like commissioner Roger Goodell encouraging the booze on draft night ritual trap it's right goes with it yeah I know well anyway best wishes go out to the McCaskey family this morning standard five on users and ESPN's ten part documentary series about Michael Jordan in the nineties bulls wrapped up last night and it was a lot of fun to watch the series here's a little bit of what bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf former NBA commissioner David stern and Barack Obama said reflecting on the job the Jordan legacy.

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