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There's a $500,000 capital gain there, But there's also a capital gains exception. So the zero tax Wow. All right, there's a money minute. Call us at 1 809 089334. All right, let's go back to the road's a 10 53 find out what Kevin is finding for us. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. What's going on Kevin Ball? We got our mid day work crews set up here up to the north. Slowing traffic down 4 95 North found you got a little over a mile back up into these left lane guard rail crew's here near the Chelmsford Rest area. Want to clear that you're okay? Getting out past Route three for 95 south bound roadwork after route 1 33 and talks very causing some delays. There may be about a half a mile back up on that work crew looking pretty good overall route 93 between 4 95 and 1 28. No reported troubles over a rou won here for Saugus or Revere. Downtown. You've got a little slow down on that lever down, Graham getting around the garden curve. You get on sterile, Dr West. You're looking pretty good here. Both directions on sterile. Dr. Airport tunnels are wide open now. South of town. The expressway South bound. You hung up a bit coming down through Savin hill north pounds. A nice ride up to the tunnel. No reported troubles down on Route three, or 24. This report sponsored by Pearls, Olives in the sunny yellow Package falls the perfect time to rock pearls. 100%, California Grown black, ripe olives picked at the peak of freshness, Pearls,.

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