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The city of albuquerque is ramping up efforts to crack down on auto thieves gilbert gaydos the director of community outreach for the police department says just this past week numerous vehicles were recovered and suspects arrested friday night alone we had five felony arrests recovered a pound of meth to guns and you know caught someone trying to steal a bait car that we've set up geiger's says there's been a twenty two percent drop in auto thefts in the first three months of the year a democratic candidate for governor is trying to keep an opponent off the june primary ballot the albuquerque journal reports jeff apodaca claims in a lawsuit that state senator joseph savant has didn't submit enough petition signatures survive says he expects to withstand the legal challenge the other democratic candidate in the race is congresswoman michelle luhan grisham in eastern new mexico a man is charged with homicide by vehicle for allegedly causing a fatal accident while driving drunk state police say thirty one year old carlos never read a poor was traveling southbound on highway seventy at a high rate of speed early saturday but his pickup rear ended another vehicle causing it to overturn the driver jose saldana pinellas was ejected and died at the scene pain new mexico lawmakers base salary vicky harrison with common cause says that's what the states registered voters located in a recent poll she tells k k obese bob clark the pay would likely be modest if we had just a basic median salary we're not talking one hundred thousand dollars a year we asked about the median which in new mexico i think is around forty forty five thousand and just to get an idea to say you know look if we just pay them enough to live on wall street today the dow was down four hundred fifty nine points our next news update at the bottom of the hour i'm laurie molin drink on ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy newsradio k k o b this is jack from banyan hill you lot freedom i do you like money due to if you like freedom and money then you're gonna love freedom checks you see over the next few months an estimated thirty four point six billion is up for.

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