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The syrian government and the rebels each are blaming each other i spoke with enviar nelson news earlier today she's been monitoring these events from bay route and i asked or what she's hearing about what's happening on the ground it's been the attends couple days after the failed attempts and finally yesterday we saw the promised a vacuum a shin begin and to the red cross and it's partnered this year in red press and started to to bring con voice out and ten thousand people have been evacuated including hundreds of children the most critically wounded people but things stalled today and once heard and what's the reason for that the reason for that we're hearing some different things the syrian government says that the rebels had tried to to take hostage is without him on the buses and that they'd also tried to take happier weapons their only entitled to take their side arms with found that's what they say the rebels denial about and they _q's the regime forces of taking hostage is among the people that were on the conflict so it's a bit contradictory bet than you also have has below which is to let the nice militia that fights alongside offsides forces saying that actually there was also a protest against those last buses leaving because there are two small village is in the north of syria besieged by the rebels and they want a similar deal for those people about nine thousand people have been evacuated from eastern a lot though sense thursday who is left in the part of the city at this point so we we've heard mix figures on and how many people of actually gotten out but but humanitarian tosses that thousands remain inside this is not don many people still wanted to leave they fear they feared staying after that government takes over so at as to what the situation is now but humanitarian ser focused on infatuated nice remaining people and and also caring for tens of thousands of people who have played to the government side in the past couple weeks and took or the living and substandard shelters current have nothing if the syrian government has taken now full control of the love over at least is getting closer to doing that what does it mean for the future of the six year civil war olsen well it remains to that the government.

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